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Funeral ecommerce

Dufseth is a ground-breaking platform to benefit users with end-to-end funeral services. This portal provides the end users with a comprehensive range of post-death rites' products and assistance, all sorted in a single place. With Dufseth, users can explore the products filtering them according to the price range and also, make and manage the required bookings in a few clicks. With an intuitive user interface, users can perform a search within their city to pay tribute to their loved ones with top-rated products.

Industry Introduction

Ever-growing ecommerce market has taken every industry by storm. Funeral industry is no exception to this. As the technology reaches to various spheres of our lives, number of people are now opting for funeral planning on the computers. Resultantly, the amalgamation is witnessing a terriffic growth in terms of revenue, user engagement, popularity, and a lot more. With this, the industry of Funeral eCommerce is expected to soon venture into era of skyrocketing growth that's not going to settle sooner.

Technology Stack

Language: PHP, JQuery, Ajax
Framework: Wordpress
Database: MySQL
Server: AWS UBUNTU with Apache