About EnnQ

Location-based content delivery
Self-guided tours
Location-aware audio guides
Real-time interaction

EnnQ Travels is a location-based content delivery platform. It enables self-guided tours by automated information changing as visitors move between beacons. The locations have beacons installed by the Administrator at various spots with the associated content. Once the user enters beacon's vicinity, these beacons emit signals that interact with smartphone apps to trigger information on BLE-enabled devices. Users can see this content as audio, video, or textual information. EnnQ, thus, enhances the user's exploring experience while freeing them from local guide dependency.

Industry Introduction

Beacon-based solutions have a lot of potential to change the way visitors experience the areas like galleries, museums, and public spaces. The technology has been gaining worldwide popularity in various industries. Museums are exploring new opportunities with beacons to deliver contextual content and enable self-guided tours through location-aware audio guides. They, thus, boost the real-time interactivity in the museums revolutionize the user's experience.

Design a website

Technology Stack

Language: PHP (Yii), Java (Android)
Framework an web services: Yii
Database: MySQL
Development tool: Xcode and Android Studio
Server: AWS
Other: Beacon