MS Dialog

Healthcare, Multiple Sclerosis Care, Neuroscience 

Patient Care App Development for Biogen 

Project Introduction

MS Dialog is a unique app that helps doctors treat multiple sclerosis patients with various tools. The app can directly record speech and put findings into patient records. Through MS dialog, doctors can find tools and knowledge to meet and treat patients in all phases of multiple sclerosis.
The app only works through an activation code that needs to be taken from Biogen itself. It is not open to the public and only exists to help healthcare providers. Through the app, doctors can deliver a significantly better diagnosis and improve the quality of life for all the MS patients they are treating.

Industry Brief

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Healthcare (Neuroscience)


Mobile App Development

Healthcare is the most important industry for us as humans. Optimal quality of life is a basic requirement, and we seek technology’s assistance. With apps like MS dialog, doctors can assist those in need much better than before. Implementing a neuroscience solution was difficult but was necessary, and we achieved a perfect application to treat MS patients at all stages of the disease.

  • Dialog Recording 
  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment 
  • Disease Management 
  • Healthcare Assistants 

Technology Stack

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Highlights for Mobile App Development For Biogen

Token Based Login

Only people that have been assigned a token can log in and use the app.

Doctor’s Assistant

The digital solution can support a doctor’s dialog with the MS patient.

Knowledge Base

The app has everything a doctor would need in terms of the knowledge required.