About Future Aerial

Drone management
Flight management
Planning and mapping

Future Aerial is the ultimate solution that offers efficient Drone Management to its users. It helps the drone owners as well as the managers with an exclusive interface that enables comprehensive management on-the-go. Clients can use this platform to raise a request for the drone for their dispatch using simple innate interface. Once requested, the order requirement is passed on to the service provider who can then accept/ reject it. This tool also makes it easier for the professionals to carry out planning and mapping for the drone to facilitate hassle-free flight management. Future Aerial, thus, is an amazing tool that makes drone management convenient and simple.

Industry Introduction

Drones have come a long way from being merely sophisticated military technology or a hobbyist's aid for capturing image of various events, landscapes, etc. Now, businesses, too are leveraging their potential to offer exceptional commercial applications, that go far and beyond surveillance, photography, or videos. They rather focus on using them to transform industry tasks and augment their efficiency. While the industry landscape has gone advanced with drones, so has their management. Software tools are now deployed everywhere to ensure their management at the tip of fingers. Thus, helping them get the most out of the implementation.

Technology Stack

Language: JavaScript, PHP (Yii2)
Framework: Yii2
Database: MySQL
Server: AWS