Digital Assessment Tool

Law Enforcement, Victim Assessment, Crime Assessment 

Digital Assessment Tool for Law Agencies

Project Introduction

The risk assessment tool focuses on speeding up the entire reporting and assistance. The tool focuses on automating data collection and analysis to know the severity of the situation based on a small questionnaire. The apps allow officers to assess domestic violence victims and other crimes better.
The app supports data confidentiality, and the victim’s answers and personal information remain protected at all times. The app also has a built-in system to assess the severity based on the questionnaire, easing the process and removing the pre-determined biases of the officers.

Industry Brief

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Law Enforcement


Website and Mobile App Development

Agencies around the world are trying to combat crime through technology. Solutions like digital assessment help society as a whole and open up opportunities for better assessment and faster resolutions. The entire industry is growing at a rapid pace to improve the community, and new technologies are always welcome whenever they can help. Now could be the best time to invest in a solution as the demand is rising at its peak.

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  • Victim Assessment App 
  • Law Enforcement App 
  • Crime Analysis App 

Technology Stack

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Highlights for Web and App Development for Digital Assessment Tool

Audit Logs

Integrated audit log creation for every entry made into the app to ensure compliance.

Auto Detect

The system automatically detects high-risk cases and alerts the officer about the same.

CJIS Compliance

The app stores data on the government-certified Amazon Cloud, ensuring compliance.