About Ostrij

Data integration
Data synchronization

'Ostrij' is an innovative Salesforce integration tool, which was hatched with an idea to solve the problem of connecting multiple applications to Salesforce. It helps the users/companies to keep their data in sync with various tools like Slack, Shiftbord, WorkFront, JIRA, Quickbooks, etc. over Salesforce. The user can simply subscribe to the services available and create various type of flows to sync all the data (Data Sync Flows) or to sync the data based on certain conditions (Conditional Flows), for the available tools in the application.

Industry Introduction

A comprehensive data integration solution provides trusted data from various sources. Data Integration is the blend of technical and business solutions used to integrate data from distinct sources into significant and valuable information. It is one of the critical aspects in the case of merging the systems of two organizations or consolidating applications within one company to deliver a single view of the company's data assets.

Technology Stack

Language: JavaScript, PHP (cake 3)
Framework: CakePHP
Database: MySQL
Server: AWS
Others: SSL