About ShowrMe

On-demand service

ShowrMe is an eCommerce platform that provides efficient Registry management to the users. It offers the users with a widely curated list of products, known as a catalog, to choose from. After signing up, event organizers can browse through the catalog in order to select the products they wish to add in the publically visible registry. Once accessible to the public, buyers can select the product they would love to gift and order it to their dispatch directly from the store. Users can search and filter the products according to specific requirements like preferred service provider, price, store, and a lot more.

Industry Introduction

Digitalization has revamped entire brick and mortar arena into eCommerce wherein people shop their favorites in the comfort zones of their home. Thanks to the ease of digital marketplaces combined with smartphones and personal computers. Everyone from local retail shops, DIY craft makers, and even bloggers are opting for digital medium to sell their goods and services to worldwide buyers. As a profit-driving model, the industry is not venturing into various industry significantly affecting the way businesses are now done. With new brands joining the innovative arena, the industry is simply expected to get better every coming year.

Technology Stack

Language: Javascript, HTML, SCSS
Framework: NodeJS, Angular 4
Database: MongoDB
Development Tool: Git, Angular, PM2
Web Services: NodeJS REST API
Payment Gatway: Paypal
Server: AWS Ubuntu APACHE
Others:Amazon Product Advertising API, HTML Scraping, Social network login, Wordpress for blog portal, MailChimp for email tracking