Advent Calendar, Gifting, Photo QR Codes

Unique Advent Calendar Gifting Apps and Website

Project Introduction

Click! Calendar is a unique app that helps users create and gift advent calendars. The app allows users to create custom calendars with bulk image uploading and QR codes. Click! website and apps support international delivery and payments through an integrated payment gateway.
The mobile apps and website both enable users to create the calendar in the way they want. They can ship it internationally to whoever they want, and when the person receives it and scans the QR, they will see the pictures that the user wanted them to see on that particular day.

Industry Brief

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App Development

Gifting has been a part of people’s lives forever, and an eCommerce app and website is one of the emerging ways to do it. The industry is on the rise as more and more people are turning towards gifting digitally, and the eCommerce websites supporting it are gaining popularity. Click! has changed how people have seen calendars till now, and the unique idea helped them gain a different place in the industry.

  • Custom Advent Calendar
  • Picture Calendar
  • Gifting App
  • eCommerce Shopping App

Technology Stack

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Highlights for Web and App Development for Click! Calendar

Bulk QR Codes

Bulk QR generation and mapping for making the entire idea of Click! Calendar work.

Payment Gateway

Integrated payment gateway to ensure all payments, including international are available.

Referral Discounts

A referral discount system for users who bring in more customers to the platform.