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Trip of Things is a trip planner that enables vacation planning at the tip of fingers. It acts as a comprehensive tool for planning user's holidays and includes functionalities such as holiday planning, hotel reservations, events, workshop and festival bookings, etc. With Trips of Things, users can get curated local suggestions for their day plans, things to do, food and beverages. Users can also benefit from the map integration that makes navigating in an unknown place easier. It truly revolutionizes the idea of traveling while making vacation planning simpler and more enjoyable.

Industry Introduction

Be it peak holiday season or just a quick getaway at the weekend, mobile apps are the perfect way to ensure adequately planned vacation. They ultimately are the one-stop shop for all your requirements concerning travel and vacation planning. Tech-savvy travelers can choose from a wide array of mobile apps offering online marketplaces for flights and hotels, and much more. While you always needed to take care of multiple things on vacation, mobile apps, thus, are a perfect way to ensure that the trip becomes a mix of enjoyment and fun in an organized way.

Design a website

Technology Stack

Language: JavaScript + PHP (Web), Ionic ( iOS+Android )
Framework: Yii2 & Ionic
Database: MySQL
Development Tool: Vscode
Payment Gateway: Stripe | Server: AWS
Web Services: REST API | Others: SSL