Manufacturing, Cartridge Reader, Data Analysis 

Mobile Apps to Scan Cartridges and Review Data 

Project Introduction

Hypertherm is a cartridge manufacturer that builds cartridges for different kinds of cutting. There are tons of data generated in a generic process of cutting, and the mobile apps we built help analyze it. NFC technology is used to transfer data realized to a smartphone directly.
Each cartridge contains a device that captures the data; through the apps, this data can be viewed and analyzed in mobile apps. There are options to export data as excel files or to transfer it to the user’s choice of software, which can then be used to improve utilization and operator skills.

Industry Brief

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Mobile App Development

Manufacturing is an industry with tons of opportunities when it comes to digital transformation. The apps we built for Hypertherm are a great example of using technology for data gathering and analysis. Even though the concept is simple, it can help improve efficiency by leaps and bounds. People using the cartridges can even train operators better, increasing the life and viability of the cutting devices and cartridges.

  • Cutting Technology 
  • Cartridge Analysis 
  • NFC Reader  
  • Data Analysis 

Technology Stack

From advanced to legacy software development tools, our experts pioneer in best of technology stack.

Highlights for Mobile App Development for Hypertherm

Data Export

Users can export the data the device collects in the format they want.

NFC Integration

NFC integration allows one-touch data transfer by tapping the device to the phone.

Data Representation

Graphical representation within the app for these seeking a glance on the go.