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YiuPai is a mobile platform for photographers around the world to share their photography experience and knowledge. It enables the users to make money as well as friends while they are shooting. With YiuPai, local photographers or users and traveling shutterbugs can share their photography requirements, resources, and travel plans on a worldwide basis. It also has multiple amazing user-friendly features like workshops, tutorials, and service registration, besides many others that make it a great tool for traveling photographers and local ones.

Industry Introduction

Photography has evolved from merely a formal and scheduled affair to spontaneous, impulsive and informal photoshoots. It has paved ways for career streams like travel photography, fashion photography, and many more. Tech arena offers you fantastic ways to collaborate with professionals across the globe and learn from their experience, workshops, educational videos, etc. You can also explore picturesque locations and get the best for your audience. All this helps you build your reputation and touch greater heights of success as a photography professional.

Design a website

Technology Stack

Language: JavaScript + PHP (Web), Swift (iOS), Java (Android)
Framework: CakePHP
Database: MySQL
Development Tool: Xcode and Android Studiio
Web Services: Rest API
Payment Gateway: Paypal and Authorize.net
Server: AWS