Training Management, Soft Skills, eLearning 

Learning Management System Development for Jakapa  

Project Introduction

Jakapa is an online platform enabling better learning for students. They aim to help improve soft skills early so students won’t face issues ahead. The system is based on advanced assessment and test environments that leverage different technologies to provide accurate results.
The apps we built are all about setting a perfect learning environment where students can explore ways to retain more in less time. Jakapa focuses on feedback-based training, a centralized dashboard to maintain everything in one place, and daily challenges to make learning more fun.

Industry Brief

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Mobile and Web Development

The eLearning industry has grown in all dimensions since the introduction of LMS systems. Jakapa takes learning and training further with the apps we created for them. Soft Skills are an essential part of functioning in everyone’s life but are usually ignored at the K 12 level. Jakapa enables a platform where students can learn soft skills in a fun way, and the assessments for it can be done much more easily.

  • Training Management System 
  • Educational App 
  • eLearning System 
  • LMS Development 

Technology Stack

From advanced to legacy software development tools, our experts pioneer in best of technology stack.
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Highlights for Mobile and Web Development for Jakapa


Implemented multi-level feedback-based learning for students.

Central Dashboard

All the information can be accessed from a single place and assessed.

Personalized Learning

Challenges based on individual likings, choices, and assessments.