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eLearning Platform to Benefit both the Students and Teachers

Project Introduction

IEEE EAB is an eLearning portal that helps engineering students and teachers to be a part of a more worthwhile learning ecosystem. It features a wide range of informative resources to help students clear their concepts of corresponding topics. Students and teachers can browse through the pieces and filter them on the basis of age, categories, topics, and more.
Not only this, but it also helps the students get information on various universities, engineering fields, games, and events, to help them make informed choices. IEEE EAB also gives the teachers a great platform wherein they can prepare their lesson plans, reach out to the students, and plan up the classroom activities using the tool itself.

Industry Brief

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Website Development

eLearning has revolutionized the way in which knowledge is imparted to seekers. New digital methods have largely replaced traditional methods of teaching that included chalk and duster. These digital methods do not only make the process of learning more exciting but have also made it simpler, more comfortable, and more effective. Knowledge seekers can repeat the lectures a number of times, access updated content, receive quick delivery of lectures, and a lot more at a comparatively lesser price.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights of Website Development for IEEE EAB

Multi-Language Support

Multi-language support so both students and teachers can learn and teach in their native language.

Central Search

A centralized search to ensure everything is categorized and findable by the users on the website.

Custom CMS

A custom CMS to add/remove new pages and change/update information as required.