Air Fusion

AI and ML based Solution

AI-powered SAAS solution to analyze wind turbine drone inspection data for defect detection using Vision AI

Project Overview

AirFusion is an AI-powered SAAS solution that allows wind farm owners to inspect the wear & tear of wind turbines using UAV drones. Service providers fly the UAV's on a defined flight path to capture HD video of the blades. Video is fed into AirFusion's cloud-based storage, where it goes through an image recognition engine to identify the damage.
The system access the severity of the damage using a large reference library dataset. After the damage is identified, the application tags the exact location of the damage and generates a comprehensive report for the wind farm operator to review and take action on.

Industry Brief

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AI in Energy


Software Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are poised to unleash the next wave of digital disruption. They are set to transform business in ways we've not seen since the Industrial Revolution, fundamentally reinventing how businesses run, compete, and thrive. With efficient use of the technology, systems are now able to offer exceptional disaster mitigation abilities. These automated processes save a lot of energy and time of organizations, empowering the human resource to work all the more profitable and efficient.

  • AI-based Software
  • Enterprise ERP
  • Asset Management
  • Image Recognition Solution

Technology Stack

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Highlights for Web App Development for Airfusion

Image Analytics

Discovers leading-blade damages, internal damages, and hydraulic leaks.

Quick Analysis

Analysis completed in under a minute per turbine, classifying the type of damage.

Cloud Storage

Secure cloud-based online and offline storage of images.