AI Name Generator

Name Recommendation System, Branding

An Enterprise Application for Generating Precise, Unique, and Complementing Business Domain Names for Newly Established Organizations

Project Overview

AI Name Generator is a smart tool that generates a brandable name for newly-built businesses. The tool uses smart AI and NLP based algorithms to generate the most trending, relevant, and unique name for your business domain. Natural Language Understanding(NLU) analyzes your ideas and keywords to generate the related ideas and brand names for your business in various languages.
This API tool can be easily integrated with a web or a mobile application. The AI model makes the use of classification, semantic similarity, semantic clustering, word similarity, opposites, and neighboring for making predictions. Upon training, the model uses a bunch of algorithms, multiple databases to pick the most likely response from the data sets and display relevant business names.

Industry Brief

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AI in Marketing


Software Development

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any industry, and the advent of artificial intelligence has made it more advanced than ever. With applications like chatbots, machine learning, and NLP, AI in digital marketing has facilitated growth and technology advancement in today’s competitive era. Businesses are constantly in search of a secured, result-oriented, and cost-effective solution that could drive their profit margins and brand value, and AI for generating the brand name is one of those successful aspects.

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Highlights for Solution for Name Generator

Business Name Finder

Generate brand names for new businesses in various categories and languages.

Unsupervised Learning Model

System automates the process of finding and generating a unique business name.

Domain Name Availability

Check and book a unique domain name instantly using the automatic business name generator tool.