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What is American Red Cross First Aid App?

First Aid is the official caregiving app by the American Red Cross that brings experts advice directly to the smartphones of the denizens of the US. The app offers the latest expert information to provide immediate relief in case of a medical emergency, from burns to allergy reactions. The app also allows the users to call 9-1-1 services and locate the closest hospital/clinic to their current location. With such bespoke offerings, the app is quite helpful and popular among its users and thereby also presents many business opportunities for similar First Aid clone apps.
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Remote Diagnostics

With the application, the admin and hospital can avail diagnostical data and analyze the same remotely.


Reach potential customers & avail benefits of brand positioning and industry leadership.

Online Appointments

Reduce downtime by allowing your users to book an appointment at their convenience.

24/7 Support

Let your customers and users have round-the-clock support they need with live chatbots.

Unique Features of App Like First Aid to Set You Apart

Explore the essential and advanced features for a First-Aid clone app that make your similar on-demand app development story a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?

A personalized dashboard will help access the app's most used features without having to navigate around the app.

User Management

Admin would have the sole right to manage all the different roles on the First Aid app to maintain integrity.

Hospital Management

It is essential for the admin to keep a check on the hospital profiles and their subscription with the app.

Subscription Management

For gated content, the app may offer subscriptions to users, and the admin panel will have the means to manage them.

Content Management

Keeping the content on the first aid app updated with the latest guidelines is an essential feature for the admin panel.

Data Analytics

With App Analytics, the admin should be able to improve the app, studying the users' activities and transactions.

Manage Partnerships

This will help the admin to manage sponsored partnerships for an all-integrated experience.

Data Maintenance

With records of crucial information on users and hospitals, secure data maintenance is a must-have feature.

App Registration

Register with personal details and crucial information like blood type, emergency contacts to facilitate solutions.

Location Access

Grant location access to the app to help users find the nearest hospital for their query and book an ambulance instantly.

Navigable Content

Easily navigable content with clear and inclusive instructions to bring immediate help to first aid app users.

Hospital Profiling
Hospital Profiling

Get quick access to the hospital details. This may include specialties, reviews, and appointment booking sections.

Online Appointments
Online Appointments

Users must be able to book an online appointment with a doctor and may even have facilities for remote consultation.

Live Chat

Users must be able to chat with experts in case the static content on the medical emergency app is not sufficient.

Immediate Consult

The first aid emergency app should include a facility to contact hotline numbers for grave situations and pressing concerns.

Interactive Content

Interactive content like quizzes can engage the users more while also getting additional benefits from the app.

Profile Management

Hospitals must be able to manage their profile themselves from the app itself for better consistency across the interface.

Appointment Management
Appointment Management

Hospitals should be able to manage the appointment requests with easier access to the necessary customer information.


For registered users, hospitals should have access to know their subscription details for quicker resolutions.

Medical Test Reports

A secure facility to manage medical test reports for patients whose sole mode of interaction is through the app.

Marketing Campaigns
Marketing Campaigns

Easier access to run campaigns will motivate hospitals to spend some of their marketing budgets on the app.

Video Calls
Video Calls

There should be a hassle-free feature for video call appointments with patients for a seamless experience.


There must be a provision for the hospitals to make announcements on their profile page.

Live Chat
Live Chat

Hospitals should be able to consult with patients with a live chat facility. There also should be a bot for quick support resolutions.

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How does First Aid Emergency App Work?

A seamless experience is crucial for a medical emergency app like first-aid. This is how we can create an effortless and compelling user journey for your First Aid Care Giving app.
  • 1
    Immediate Aid

    Users get instant access to the first aid information they're looking for by picking it from the neat navigation.

  • 2

    Users can find a list of instant actions to take in case of a fatal emergency, along with a shortcut to call 911.

  • 3

    To keep the natives engaged with the app and stay prepared, the app offers interactive quizzes.

  • 4

    The app uses the user's current location to find the nearest hospitals for the specific kind of medical support they require.

Cost to Develop an App like American Red Cross First Aid

Want to have your own American Red Cross like First-Aid mobile app? Let our experts help pave the way for you with a customized solution. Consult your app’s price now!

The development cost for a crucial on-demand app like the First Aid App by American Red Cross depends on various factors, the foremost being the required features. If your app needs advanced features like geolocation detection and hospital navigation, you will have to invest more in it than for an app where you only provide first-aid procedures for medical emergencies. And since there is no one solution for all the different requirements, analysis for the cost of development is best done by app feasibility specialists. Book a free consultation call with our experts to know your exact First Aid app development cost now. Book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts today! 

Core Technologies Behind App Like First–Aid App Development

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create an app like American Red Cross First Aid?

To develop a First-Aid clone app, you’ll need to have a clear plan and a straightforward approach:  

  • Identify your goals for the app 
  • Validate your concept with experts  
  • Prepare the database with accurate information 
  • Hire mobile app developers and create an MVP 
  • Enrich the app with unique and useful features 
  • Test and deploy the app in successive agile iterations

2. How much does an app like First Aid cost to develop?

On-demand care giving app like First Aid can be as simple as a basic collection of information and can be as complex as one with advanced features like AR and AI. Since there is no one fix for such an app, the calculation of the cost of development varies from case to case. 

That being said, it is quite evident that the more features your First aid emergency app will have, the more it will cost you to have them developed. Some features cost more than others, and hence getting a quote from a trusted first aid app development service provider is the only reliable way to know the exact cost of the entire app. 

Our experts at Matellio will offer you complete consultation with the feasibility of your app features and give you a free quote to help you determine the budget for the development of your First Aid clone mobile app. 

3. Can my app have multilingual features like American Red Cross First Aid?

The First Aid App by American Red Cross supports both English and Spanish. The app changes its language with an in-app toggle function, and the same can be implemented for your first aid app for even more languages! 

For such multilingual apps, Matellio uses Google API to support as many languages as possible with minimal extension in the overall development cost. We also offer a manual update for all the languages you would want your First Aid app to support, for a more compelling user experience. 

4. How can I market my First Aid app for broader reach?

With a dedicated approach, any useful app can garner multiple downloads within hours of its release. The key here is to reach out to the target audience most efficiently. You can create pre-launch campaigns for your First Aid emergency app to create excitement around it. And post-launch, you can use perform search engine optimization, app store optimization, and utmost localization to reach out to your target audience most effectively. 

5. What all technologies does the American Red Cross First Aid app uses?

The utility app uses multiple native functionalities on a mobile phone, including but not limited to- 

  • Geo-IP location 
  • Call Access 
  • Contacts 
  • Diagnostics 
  • Data Usage 
  • Phone Media Access 
  • USB Storage Access

6. How do I monetize a First Aid app?

To monetize a utility app like First-Aid, you can use any of the following methods or a combination of them. 

  • Train users with certifications 
  • In-app purchases for First-Aid toolkits 
  • Allow physicians to partner for visibility 
  • Commission on online appointments with doctors 
  • Monetize the app with non-intrusive meaningful ads 
  • Ask for donations with trusted payment gateways
  • Gated content for advanced information

7. How do I distinguish my First Aid app from the competition?

Since a First Aid app is a utility app, the foremost thing you can do to stay ahead of the competition is by providing the most value to the users. 

Using Agile methodology, you can publish the primary features of the app in the beginning stages itself. After that, you can gradually release updates with more comprehensive and unprecedented features like live video appointments with experts and include all the present age ailments, including the psychological ones. 

8. What is the best User Interface for a First aid app?

A First Aid app is foremost a medical emergency app. Therefore, using more straightforward navigation with the least fuss and highlighted crisp details will bring the best experience for the users. For your First Aid app, we suggest you don’t use fancy detailing and fonts, instead use short words and assist the users with clear pictures to make the app more inclusive, even for people who have a hard time reading. You may also want to add relevant videos to enhance the usability of your app even more.

9. What advanced features can I include to make my First Aid app more useful?

A simple first aid app can still garner more attention from users if it offers basic first aid facilities with a more inclusive and futuristic approach. 

  • GPS to track and send instant location details to ambulance and track which hospitals are the closest to you. 
  • Closed caption and audio aide for First aid procedures to make your app more inclusive for people with disabilities. 
  • Interactive content like quizzes etc., to keep the users engaged. 
  • Artificial Intelligence to populate related content when a user searches for something specific. 
  • Voice-based navigation can also be integrated to make the First-Aid app more inclusive and efficient. 

10. Are you the copyright owner of American Red Cross First Aid app?

No, we are not the copyright owners of the American Red Cross First Aid app. But our team of expert mobile app developers are more than capable of building one with similar viability. We can develop your First Aid clone app using the technologies of your choice, including all the features that you can conceptualize, no matter how complex they sound on the surface. To know more about how we can help you develop your dream Frist Aid app, fill the form below-