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Get the perfect caregiving app for the elderly from Matellio and help improve how caregiving has been thought of until this day.
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Custom Caregiving App with the Features You Seek

More and more older people are seeking caregiving apps these days, calling it a change of generation, but these apps’ popularity has been booming. Rightly so, as caregiving apps make the entire process much easier and convenient for all parties involved in the process.
Leverage the best of design and customer experience with the app created by our developers. With our vivid experience in UI/UX, we will create a perfect caregiving app usable by all generations. Following are the advantages of hiring Matellio as your mobile app development company.
Less time to Market
Best UI/UX
Custom-built App
Easy Management
Feature Rich
Choice of Technology

Cutting-Edge Caregiving App Development for All Purposes

Assisted Living Care

We can build an app specific to the needs of an assisted living care facility to ease its operations and provide better convenience.

Nursing Care

Nursing care app development for nursing homes providing services to the elderly, with added integrations of EHRs and more.


An app for caregivers enables them to provide better care for clients and manage the entire caregiving process.

Range of Caregiving Apps We Can Create for You

Choose from any of the popular care giving mobile apps and we promise to deliver you the exact same app with your choice of features within your budget.

Get Your Own Caregiving App for the Elderly

The best mobile app developers at your service achieve your goal of creating the best caregiving app.
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Our Portfolio

For every real-world problem, we have delivered software solutions which reflect our expertise in diverse verticals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a caregiving application?

A caregiving application can be used as a platform that can improve caregiving for all concerned drastically. We can build caregiving applications for caretakers, the elderly, nursing homes, and more to help them be more connected and streamline processes.  

2. How much does it cost to make an elderly caregiving app?

The caregiving app development cost depends on the features you want in it and the overall capabilities and integrations in the app. Nevertheless, when you choose Matellio as your mobile app development partner, you can rest assured of low per-hour pricing while getting top mobile app developers to build your caregiving app.  

3. How do you make a caregiving app?

The caregiving app will be built based on your specific idea or requirements. We try to keep the app as close to your original requirements as possible while keeping it feasible for use in the real world. All we need from you is your plan and idea for the caregiving app, and we take care of the rest.  

4. Can I monetize the caregiving app?

You can, of course, but it depends on if you want to or not. You can charge nursing homes and caregivers the part of the fee they charge their clients, show nonintrusive ads, and introduce subscription-based models. We know the cost of running and building such an app is enormous, but based on why you want to build it, there are various ways to monetize it.  

5. Do you sign NDAs?

Of course, we have done so for every client who wanted it. All you need to do is mention so in your requirements, and we will include it in the agreement we create for you.  

6. What are the benefits of a caregiving app for the elderly?

There are countless benefits of such an app, and it can literally help saves lives, as well as improve overall living quality in nursing homes and assisted living homes. The app provides the potential to revolutionize how we have thought of caregiving until now and change it for good.  

7. How much time will it take to create a caregiving mobile application?

Like cost, the time to create a custom caregiving app also depends on various factors. It may take anywhere from a few weeks to months to create a fully capable caregiving app, but the time to develop mostly depends on the type of app and features you want in it.

8. How does an elderly caregiving app work?

The app assists various users in caregiving, be it nursing homes, caregivers, the elderly, or assisted living home staff. The app would be capable of almost everything from reminders to connecting to wearables for insight on health. It all depends on how you want to work, and we will implement the same in your app.  

9. What are the hiring models that you offer?

We offer various hiring models, namely dedicated, turnkey, time-material based, and more. With Matellio, you have the flexibility to hire your own way; just let us know your terms, and we will make it work.  

10. I require someone who can make the app focused on use for the elderly. Can you, do it?

We have made different apps for different audiences and are highly experienced with how to do it perfectly. We will create the app as simple or as complex as you want while keeping the UI/UX usable by the audience you want.