Amusement Parks & Attractions Software Development

Develop the finest and professional software for amusement parks, campgrounds, and other fractional properties to give your business more sources to grow and gain popularity.
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    What is

    How Does a Custom Amusement Park and Campground Software Help Your Business?

    Amusement parks, campgrounds, clubhouses, and other fractional properties’ software features a whole range of intuitive tools that aid the smooth management of these properties. The products are feature-rich to manage almost every aspect, depending upon their inherent capabilities. A full-fledged software would encompass features like HR management, online ticketing, access control, and much more. With this software, owners gain complete control of their resources and can track them for better management and business growth.
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    Saves Time

    Accept bookings online and delegate staff efficiently by keeping a complete overview of your grounds to save everyone’s time.

    Improved Guest Experience

    The software with its robust monitoring and analytical toolkit will help you offer optimal experiences to your guests.

    Cost Savings

    Automate your recurrent maintenance tasks and manage capacity of the grounds to save marketing sales expenses on third party tools.

    Efficient Management

    With complete visibility into various functions and on-ground activities, bring absolute efficiency in your management style.

    Top Features of a Robust Amusement Park Management Software

    Grow revenues from your amusement park and other recreational center business with feature-rich management software.
    Point of Sale

    Improve guest experience, sell tickets, and boost loyalty & engagement using intuitive interface.

    Online Tickets

    Allow your customers to book tickets and manage them easily with the online ticketing feature of the software.

    Food and Beverage

    Manage full-service restaurants in the recreational center that monitors food and beverage sales and manages inventory.

    Access Control

    Have complete control over who can access the paid attractions and monitor the same round-the-clock with proper authentication.

    Capacity Manager

    Manage capacity of your grounds by offering bookings by buckets of time. This is perfect for recreational centers like laser tags escape rooms, etc.

    Visitor Management

    Comprehensive visitor management feature to help you with streamlined ways to track guest behavior, and maintain safety of your guests.

    HR Management

    Manage human resources effectively along with related aspects so your staff gets complete job satisfaction with absolute productivity.

    Reporting and Analytics

    Leverage a robust reporting tool to gain full visibility and control of your amusement park business, and use analytics to make better decisions.

    Got More Ideas for Your Amusement Park Management Software?

    We build tailored solutions for fractional property management with bespoke features.
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    Amusement Parks & Attractions Software Development Solutions

    Optimize your amusement park and recreational centre's operations with feature-rich solutions from Matellio.

    More Dedicated Solutions for Your Travel & Hospitality Business

    We build bespoke travel and hospitality software with custom features to help you streamline your workflows.

    How Much Does Amusement Park Software Development Cost?

      What is

      Why Matellio for Amusement Park Management Software Development?

      20+ Years' Experience

      We have years-long experience in delivering quality services to startups and Fortune 500 companies.

      Reliable Support

      You get 24*7 technical support and software consulting services for your custom services.

      Strong R&D Expertise

      With our strong R&D department, development teams are always on the lookout for advancements.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Why should I go for Matellio to build a solution for my theme park?

      Besides an extensive range of services and time-tested industry knowledge, there are multiple benefits of hiring Matellio for travel and hospitality software development: 

      • Quality-driven software development process 
      • Cost-effective solutions 
      • Transparent procedure that keeps clients updated on project progress 
      • Certified and skilled team of 200+ engineers 
      • Global presence 

      2. What is Matellio’s core area of expertise in fractional property management solutions?

      Matellio’s core area of expertise includes web and mobile app development. We enable our clients from clubhouses, theme parks, and campgrounds to leverage the latest technologies to take their brands online via web or mobility medium. Some of these technologies include: 

      • Artificial intelligence 
      • Internet of things 
      • Cloud technology 
      • Big data 
      • Machine learning 
      • Embedded technologies 

      3. Do you have experience in building travel and hospitality solutions?

      Yes. Matellio holds experience in developing top-notch websites as well as mobile apps for multiple clients in the travel and hospitality domain. 

      4. I'm looking for a website revamp services for my amusement park's site. Can Matellio help with the same?

      Definitely. Matellio would be glad to offer a helping hand for the same. Kindly share the requirements in detail, and we shall begin with a thorough website analysis followed by a revamping process. 

      5. I want to convert my amusement park website to a mobility solution. Can Matellio cater to the same?

      Having helped multiple clients navigate from the web to mobile, we take it as a proud privilege to assist you on the same. Reach out to us to share your requirements in detail, and we shall fulfill them. 

      6. What are the system requirements for campground, recreational center and amusement park management software?

      The system requirements for fractional property management software are reasonably modest and most computers, or laptops, built in the last 5 years will be compatible with them as a file server or workstation. We even offer mobile app development services to help you better handle your operations through your mobile devices. 

      7. Can you help me to import names and addresses from my old system into park and recreation software?

      Yes, we do provide dedicated services in data migration. We first analyze the amount and type of data and then as per requirements take secure backup for them. Later we will migrate the existing data in modular and more normalized datasets that will enable you to even perform advanced analytics functions on them for predictive benefits.

      • Paid listings 
      • Marketing and discovery fees from hosts 
      • Commission from hosts per booking 
      • Booking fees from guests, etc. 

      You can also use auxiliary ways to earn revenues from ads and cross-selling services. 

      8. How do you assure a quality product?

      We have qualified QA Engineers who ensure a bug-free and error-free software development. Moreover, we test our products every two weeks and include your feedback to make your product according to your expectations. 

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