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What is DoorDash?

Launched in the year 2013, DoorDash is a popular brand of the food delivery market that serves customers all across the US. With some amazing features like pre-delivery schedule, use of AI, and double ratings, DoorDash has attracted a large customer base and revenues. That’s why, most of the food delivery enthusiasts today prefer to invest in a custom DoorDash clone for enhancing their business' online presence. So, don’t wait, and start your DoorDash clone app development today!
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Successful Models

Ensure 100% success for your custom food delivery app with tried and tested monetization models.

Better Reach

Easily market your app with less efforts and reach to masses with a custom DoorDash clone

Licensed Development

Get licensed code for your custom DoorDash clone and be assured of state regulations.

Increased Value

Enhance your brand value, and boost profits with excellent UX by developing an app like DoorDash.

Unique Features of DoorDash Clone to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for your DoorDash clone that make your food delivery app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Customer Management

Register the users, and manage their profiles along with their contact details, order details, favourite list, and payment modes.

Push Notifications

Market your new policies and latest features directly to specific customers with less efforts using push notifications features.

Payment Requests

Get a centralized view of all the payment requests made by the customers using their credit card, debit card, online mode, etc.

Restaurant Management

Manage all the restaurants along with their business and registration details, menu, contact address, and policies.

Delivery Management

Accept or reject the requests of the delivery agents based on their past experience, personal history, work culture, and so on.

Commission Management

Get complete information of your total commissions and due payments from various restaurants in real-time.

Automated Support

Automate your support operations by implementing an ML-based chatbot for efficient and reliable customer services.

Real-time Tracking

Track the delivery agents and food orders in real-time and be assured of the safety of your assets with one click.

page creation
Profile Creation

Easily register new restaurants to your DoorDash clone by asking their basic information, restaurant details, and contact details.

Online Menu

Help the restaurants to showcase their most recommended and chef’s speciality dishes with online menu functionality.

Order Management

Enable the restaurants to confirm/reject the orders as per their availability of inventories, chefs, and time.

Online Earnings

The restaurants can view the total revenues and profits made by them through a centralized and real-time module.

Stock Management

Automated inventory management option for restaurants to quickly fulfil all the orders and confirm the new ones accordingly.

On Demand Prices

The restaurants can make real-time changes in the price of their food items according to the stock availability and market needs.

Customer Requirements

From food order customizations, to complaints and feedback, let restaurants handle all the customer queries efficiently.

Real-time Marketing

Enable seamless marketing strategies for the restaurants by offering them push notification features for their customers.

Social Registration

Simplify the registration process and engage more customers to your app by offering registration through social media accounts.

Take Away

Enable your customers to order food online and opt for take away while using your app’s robust functionality.

Contactless Delivery

Protect and safeguard the health rights of your customers by offering them doorstep delivery and contactless delivery options.

Search Filters

Enhance the user-experience of your food delivery app like DoorDash by offering various search filters to your customers.

Order Customizations

Through the app, customers can change or make customizations to their food orders as per their preferences.

Live Tracking

Get live order tracking functionality in your food delivery app to help users track their food delivery orders in real-time.

Multiple Payments

The customers can pay for the food services with their digital accounts, credit/debit cards, or even cash on delivery.

Loyalty Rewards

Increase the customer loyalty and entice your existing users by offering loyalty rewards and referral discounts on the app.


Fasten up the registration process for the delivery agents by asking their basic details and contact information.


The delivery agents can seamlessly signup or login to your app with their unique email/social media accounts

Contact Customer

Ensure a safe, faster, and efficient delivery process by facilitating an effective communication between delivery agents and customers.

Schedule Delivery

Your delivery partner can schedule the deliveries as per their time availability, or if asked by the customers.

Total Earnings

Through the app, the delivery agents can keep a track of all their earnings, and tips they made from specific order deliveries.

Contact Restaurants

The delivery agents can directly connect with the appropriate restaurants for any issue in the food order delivery.

24*7 Support

Ensure complete safety and protection of your delivery agents by providing them effective support 24*7 on call or message.


A real-time mapping functionality to help the delivery person locate the exact address of the delivery while ensuring safer routes.

We Create Custom DoorDash Clone to Help You Grab More Customers

Experience a result-oriented food delivery app development and take your brand to a next level with our budget-friendly and custom DoorDash clone .
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How does DoorDash Clone App Work?

Experience a user-friendly, customizable, and risk-free food delivery app development with our experts. Here’s how DoorDash clone works for your business.
  • 1

    The online users browse through hundreds of restaurants listed in your DoorDash clone and select a particular restaurant.

  • 2

    The user orders a specific dish of the chosen restaurant and then pays for the order via online or offline mode.

  • 3

    The restaurant receives a request for the order which they can accept/reject based on the availability and inventory levels.

  • 4

    After food preparation, the admin allocates the order to the nearest delivery guy, who then delivers the order to the customer.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an App like DoorDash?

Ready to get started with a successful food delivery app development? Create an app like DoorDash, and reach huge masses in minutes. Here’s how much it will cost to you!

The cost of developing a food delivery app like DoorDash depends on multiple critical factors. For instance, the choice of technology, features you have selected, and customizations impacts the overall cost of development. Likewise, if you have opted for automated testing rather than manual, then also the cost will rise significantly. Similar is the case with UI/UX and hiring a professional team of developers. Hence, the best way to get an accurate cost estimate is expert consultation with professional app developers. To get an exact cost of your app, book a free 30-min consultation with our experts.

Core Technologies Behind App Like DoorDash

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the DoorDash work?

The working of DoorDash is quite simple and user-friendly. The customer has to choose from the restaurants listed on the app as per their location. Once the customer chooses a restaurant and orders their favourite dish, the order request is then transferred to the respective restaurant. The restaurant then confirms/rejects the order as per the availability, and if the order is confirmed, then a confirmation text is sent to the customers. As soon as the order is completed the admin allocates the nearest delivery guy to that order and the delivery agent then delivers the order to the respective customer. All the payments, users, and orders are eventually managed by the admin.

2. What apps are similar to DoorDash?

Due to the growing popularity of the food delivery app like DoorDash, there were many businesses that launched their own food delivery apps in the market. To name a few, we have: 

  • UberEats
  • Caviar 
  • Seamless 
  • Postmates
  • GrubHub 

3. What is the purpose of DoorDash?

The main aim of DoorDash app is to connect the online customers in search of food with the perfect restaurants. The people who do not want to go outside, or want to try on different restaurants without mobilizing can leverage the food delivery app like DoorDash. Plus, the restaurants that want to boost their online presence while serving more clients can also take advantage of the DoorDash app.  

4. Why invest in a food delivery app like DoorDash?

Apps like DoorDash are a profitable investment for anyone that either wants to start a new business, or for someone who is already involved in the food business. From restaurants to aggregators, or even small food chain companies, can leverage the flexible and advanced monetization models of DoorDash that ensures a 100% ROI.  

5. How much time does it need to create a DoorDash clone?

The time to develop any on-demand food delivery app like DoorDash usually depends on many crucial factors. For instance, the tech-stack you choose, features, customizations, designs, testing services, and so on adds to the complications and time duration for the app development. Hence, to get an accurate idea of the time, you can consult with an app development expert.  

6. What other applications do you offer?

Apart from a custom DoorDash clone, we offer many other types of app development models like: 

  • AI App 
  • AR/VR App 
  • IoT App 
  • On-Demand App 
  • Native App 
  • Fantasy Sports App 
  • Hybrid App, and so on 

You can always visit us to know more about our app offerings! 

7. What type of business model is DoorDash?

The company has a Y- structure business model. It unites users, eateries, and people who are free to work as delivery agents. The delivery personnel associated with the company are called Dashers. The company secures its commission from the businesses to generate revenues. 

8. Do you offer post-launch services?

Yes, we are known to offer reliable and updated post-launch services that help to keep your on-demand food delivery app a hit in the market. From cost-effective maintenance, to latest technology addition, you can find every other upgradation service in our post-launch support. 

9. How soon can you start my food delivery app development?

Once you fill our form and consult with the experts about your requirements, we would be starting your food delivery app development process. Also, if you want, we can sign an NDA before starting the project to ensure the privacy and protection of your critical data.  

10. Are you a copyright owner of the DoosrDash app ?

No, we do not own any of the materials of the DoorDash app. However, we have expertise in creating DoorDash clones which are catered to your business needs. Our tech-savvy team of experts have successfully delivered custom DoorDash clones to many of the food businesses and startup in the least possible time, and so we can do that for you. Connect with us to know more about custom food delivery app like DoorDash.