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We offer custom food delivery apps to startups and enterprises related to the food delivery industry. Connect foodies worldwide to the best restaurants and make profits with food delivery app development.
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As a leading food delivery app development company, our main goal is to offer you the best food delivery app development services for your big business idea. Whether idea validation or MVP creation, or even profitable monetization
models, our expert food delivery app developers strive to offer the best services for your custom food delivery app.
Choose from our advanced range of technologies and features to get a competitive edge for your food delivery app development idea. Integrate next-gen capabilities in your custom solution by hiring our dedicated food delivery app developers. Begin your food delivery app development with us and experience better profits and an increased brand value.
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Cutting-Edge Delivery App Development for Every Food Business

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Expand your restaurant business online by serving your clients 24*7 with a dedicated food delivery and ordering app.

Aggregator Model

Partner with multiple restaurants in your area and manage them by investing in on-demand food delivery app development.

Other Food Services

Get a fully customized and functional food delivery app for your catering and canteen business as per your business needs.

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Choose from any popular apps, and we promise to offer you a similar food delivery app for your business.

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Become a leading name in the food business with your feature-rich on-demand food delivery app.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. What is a food delivery application?

A food delivery application is an online platform that people use to order their food online at the convenience of their time and place. With a dedicated food delivery app, you can help the relevant audience to order food from their favorite restaurants nearby to directly at their desired location at any serviceable time. In return, you earn from the food shop owners that receive the orders from your app.  

2. How much does it cost to make a food delivery app?

The cost of food delivery app development depends on multiple factors. For instance, if you choose many advanced features and the latest tech stack, the cost of developing an on-demand food delivery app will automatically become high.  

Similarly, project management, choice of technology, hiring cost, and testing method also add to the overall food delivery app development cost. Hence, as a leading food delivery app development company, we offer a free consultation service and a no-obligation quote for your idea. You can fill the form below to get started right away! 

3. How do you make a food delivery app?

Although the process of developing an on-demand food delivery app is not that easy, you can make it simple by partnering with a leading food delivery app development company like ours.  


Here are some of the common development steps that Matellio follows for food delivery app development: 

  • Discussion of Business Idea 
  • Choosing Latest and Reliable Tech Stack 
  • Finalizing an Aesthetic Design and Relevant Features 
  • Deciding a Monetization Model 
  • Hiring Expert Food Delivery App Developers
  • Testing and Deployment 

4. How do food delivery apps make money?

Although the market of food delivery apps is very high and future-proof, there is a need for a successful business model to launch a new app in the market. For instance, you could earn money from displaying third-party ads on your food delivery platform or can even offer subscription models to your customers.  

Besides, deciding a fixed percentage of commissions from the restaurant owners for the orders they receive from your app is also a successful way of earning money via the food delivery app. You can always consult with our experts to get the best monetization model for your custom food delivery apps. 

5. How do I create an app like UberEats?

Creating an app like UberEats is not a tedious task with Matellio. We have dedicated food delivery app developers who can process your idea and present you with the best features, technologies, and designs for your food delivery app like UberEats. Besides, we also offer MVP to help you streamline your development process and reduce your food delivery app development cost.   

6. How beneficial are food delivery apps for the restaurant industry?

Food delivery app development market is rising exponentially in the global market. People are readily investing in a custom food delivery app due to its comprehensive benefits like faster deliveries, better brand value, enhanced user experience, and much more.  

Let’s have a look at some other benefits that you can get by developing a custom food delivery app.  

  • Automated Order Management 
  • Better Profits and Revenues 
  • Huge Customer Base 
  • More Business Opportunities
  • Easy to Market 
  • Enhanced Brand Value
  • Leader in Global Market 
  • Satisfied Customers, and many more   

7. How much does it cost to build an app like DoorDash?

The cost of developing an app like DoorDash depends on many crucial factors. For instance, the choice of technology and features, the cost of hiring dedicated project managers and developers, and the testing mode impact the overall cost of developing a food delivery app like DoorDash. Hence, you can always consult with our experts to validate all your ideas and requirements and get an accurate cost of your app development.  

8. How much time will it take to create an on-demand food delivery app?

Like cost, the time to create an on-demand food delivery app also depends on multiple factors. For instance, you may create your custom food delivery app in a few days with some basic features and designs. However, if your app involved a lot of advanced features and complexities, then the time for food delivery app development may be more. Similar is the case with technologies and designs. Hence, the best way is to consult with an expert app developer that can predict the precise time for food app development.  

9. How does a food delivery app work?

The working of a food delivery app is simple. The online customers or foodies browse hundreds of restaurants and food chains nearby to their preferred location through your app. Once they have selected the particular restaurants, they can view their complete menu, with price and description. With that information, the users can order the food and can make the online payment. 

The restaurant on the other hand will receive the order details, and can then confirm the orders. The restaurants can also manage the payments with the same food delivery app and can connect with the users for timely and accurate delivery. Meanwhile, the admin of the app receives a certain share from the restaurants for marketing their brands on their app.  

10. What other types of on-demand apps do you offer?

Apart from food delivery app development, we offer many other types of on demand apps to help you grow your business and start a profitable venture. To name a few, we have: 

  • Fleet Management Apps 
  • Entertainment Apps 
  • Healthcare and Fitness Apps 
  • Delivery Apps
  • Home Services App
  • Training Apps 
  • Elearning Apps 
  • Real Estate Apps, and many more 

You name it and we have it. You can contact us to know more about our on demand app development services