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Ensure complete and quick success for your music streaming app development by launching a 100% customizable and feature-rich Apple Music clone app.
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What is Apple Music?

Apple Music is a music streaming service that enables its users to listen to their favorite tracks online. Be its radio stations, podcasts, or even any of the music albums, with Apple Music, you can seamlessly enjoy all those tracks online, or offline. Besides that, the users can also create their playlists or can listen to the curated playlists offered by the app. Due to the huge popularity of Apple Music, today, anybody planning to launch their custom music streaming apps looks for an Apple Music clone app. So, when are you planning to launch your custom Apple Music clone app?
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Easy Marketing

Easily market your custom music streaming app with successful and result-oriented marketing strategies of Apple Music.

Huge Audience

Reach millions of prospects and promote your music streaming app development with an app like Apple Music.

More Revenue

Generate more revenues and profits while enhancing your services with a dedicated Apple Music clone app.

Less Competition

Benefit from the low competition of the music streaming app development market to make the most of your business idea.

Unique Features of Apple Music App to Set You Apart

Offer the best experience to your users by including these competitive and next-gen features in your Apple Music clone app.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Manage all the users of your Apple Music clone app and add new ones by validating their details through OTP.

Subscription Plans

Offer customized subscription plans to your users that suit all their needs cost-effectively and profitably.

Curated Playlist

Analyze the user analytics and offer the most suitable curated playlist to your users based on their preferences and past exploration.

User Analytics

Get detailed and accurate user analytics to help you make your music streaming app more personalized and smarter.

Add Songs

Add unlimited songs to your Apple Music clone app and enhance your user experiences seamlessly with one tap.

Online Ads

Run third-party online ads on your Apple Music clone app and make extra revenues for your brand easily.

On-Demand Radio Stations

Offer live radio stations to your users to help them explore all the songs as per their moods and preferences.

Manage Categories

Categorize all your songs into different categories and help your users to access all the songs easily and efficiently.

Create Playlist

Enable your users to create their custom playlist by adding their favorite tracks with one tap on their screens.

Live Radio Stations

Enhance the live streaming experience for your users by offering them love radio stations functionality.

Browse Music

Enhance the user experience of your Apple Music clone app by offering voice-search functionality to your users.

Car Play

Expand the scope of your Apple Music clone app by letting your users play their favorite tracks in the car music system.

Download Songs

Bestow your users to download the tracks or share their favorite playlists with their family members easily.

Link App

Enhance your user experience by allowing your users to link the Apple Music clone app with any wearable device of their choice.

Online Payments

Help your users to renew their subscription plans on time by offering them secure and convenient payment channels.

Profile Settings

Enable your users to access and manage their profile easily while setting their music preferences through the app.

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How Does Apple Music Work?

Enjoy more users for your music streaming app by offering an unmatched experience to your users. Here’s how your Apple Music clone app works.
  • 1
    User Registration

    The users have to register on the app with their contact number, a unique email, or using their Google mail ID.

  • 2
    Add Preferences

    After successful profile creation, the users need to add their preferences to let the admin understand their interests in music.

  • 3
    Online Subscription

    Once the profile is created, users need to select a suitable subscription plan and need to pay for that using any suitable channel.

  • 4
    Enjoy Tracks

    Finally, the users can enjoy unlimited music tracks, can share them with their families, and can even download the tracks easily.

How Much Does App Like Apple Music Cost?

Ready to create a music app like Apple Music that can help you attract more users easily? Here’s what you need to know to get an accurate cost of development!

Creating music apps for any specific client requires a detailed analysis of all their requirements and trends, and the Apple Music clone app is no exception. Right from your chosen features and tech stack to designs, resources required for the project, testing method, and even data migration needs, there are tons of factors that we need to analyze before presenting you with an accurate cost estimation. Hence, the best way to get an accurate quote for your Apple Music clone app is to consult all your ideas and requirements with our experts. You can fill our form to book a free 30-min consultation and to get an exact quote for your music streaming app development. 

Core Technologies Behind App Like Apple Music

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Apple Music clone app?

Apple Music clone app is an on-demand app development service that caters to the needs of people looking for custom music streaming app development. With an Apple Music clone app, you can easily include all the successful features and tech stack that could lure more users towards your custom app. Besides that, the less investment cost, and 100% ROI also make Apple Music clone app the best option for investors looking for custom music streaming app development.  

2. What database does Apple Music use?

Apple Music majorly uses CloudKit as its main database. The same database is also used in many of Apple’s other apps like iOS backups, Photos, iWork sharing, and iCloud Drive.  

3. How can I monetize my Apple Music clone app?

There are many ways through which you can easily monetize your Apple Music clone app. The most promising way is offering a subscription-based model to your users. You can also run third-party ads to earn extra revenues for your Apple Music clone app.   

4. What is the time required to create a music app like Apple Music?

The total time required to create similar music streaming app like Apple Music majorly depends on your requirements. For instance, an app with complicated features and an advanced tech stack would surely consume more time than an app with basic features and a simple UI. Hence, the best way to figure out the exact time for your app development is to consult all your ideas with our experts over a free call.  

5. Will I own the app after launch?

Yes, you will be the owner of the Apple Music clone app once it is deployed from our end. You can get all the details, credentials, and source code with your brand name after the final product is made. 

6. Do you offer technical support after launch?

Yes, we do offer reliable and cost-effective post-launch support after your product is made. Right from data migration, platform migration, and technology update to features addition and testing, you can get everything you want to make your app a hit for years to come.  

7. Does Apple Music have an API?

Yes, Apple offers Apple Music API which can be used to access all the information about the media in the Apple Music catalog and also about users iTunes playlists. You can easily include Apple Music API to enhance the capabilities of your custom music streaming app. 

8. Are you a copyright owner of Apple Music?

No, we are not the copyright owners of the Apple Music app. However, we have years-long experience in developing and delivering similar music streaming applications to a variety of clients including startups and Fortune 500 companies. You can visit us or can fill our form below to get started with your app development today!