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Woo your target audience and become a pioneer of the music streaming market by making great profits at less effort with next-gen music streaming app development.
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In today’s fast-paced world, everybody wants to access their favourite services in one go, and music streaming is no exception. People want to explore the latest tracks and their favourite playlist with a tap on their screens and that’s why music streaming app development is growing at a rapid pace. The market has seen a surge of nearly 36% and will become a $10 billion market by 2023.
Hence, leverage this golden opportunity to make your brand or startup a hit without much effort. Invest in a cost-effective and reliable music streaming app development and give your users a complete digital experience. Attract them with smart AI features and a simple interface and outgrow your competitors by hiring professional music streaming app developers at flexible prices.
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Ensure complete success for your startup idea by investing in a custom music streaming app development.

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Make your music company stand apart from others and build credibility and popularity simultaneously with music apps.


Bring all the enthusiasts and artists on a single platform and promote your brand while making profits with music app development.

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Choose from any popular music streaming apps and we promise to deliver a similar music streaming app based on your business requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a music app?

A music app is a robust mobile platform that stores, and plays all the music albums present online or on your device. With a music streaming application, the users can browse any music of their choice online within seconds. They can download, or can share their favourite tracks with their friends using a dedicated music app.  

2. How much does it cost to build a music streaming app?

The cost of custom music streaming app development depends on many factors and majorly your requirements. Right from features, technologies, development platform, number of resources hired, quality assurance method, designs, and idea validation; there are myriad of factors that can impact your overall cost of music streaming app development. Hence, consulting with the experts and analyzing your idea is the best way to get an accurate app development cost.  

3. Can I create a music streaming app?

Yes, by following some simple steps you can easily launch your own music streaming app: 

  • Validating your idea from experts 
  • Identifying a promising market and target audience 
  • Hiring an experienced app development company 
  • Including reliable tech-stack an advanced feature 
  • Finalizing an aesthetic design 
  • Creating an MVP 
  • Developing your app with expert resources 
  • Testing your music streaming app 
  • Deploying on various online platforms 

4. How do streaming services make money?

Most of the music streaming apps use subscription-based models to earn revenues for their app. Beside that, some of the apps even allow their target audiences to send tips to earn extra revenues. Running online third-party ads, charging a specific fee from album owners, and making revenues from downloads are some more methods through which you can earn revenues for your music streaming app. 

5. How long does it take to develop a music streaming app?

Similar to the cost, the time required to create your music streaming app depends majorly on your requirements. For instance, if you choose to develop an advanced and feature-rich music streaming app with the latest tech-stack, then it will take more time compared to a simple app with basic features. Hence, you should always consult all your requirements with experts so that they can analyze and can offer accurate estimations for your music streaming app development.   

6. How does a music streaming app work?

The working of music streaming apps is quite simple. The users need to download the app and need to create their accounts. Once the account is created, they can personalize their feed by mentioning their interests, and can explore different music albums and playlists. They can even create their own playlist by adding their favorite tracks, and can download the tracks as per their preference.  

7. Why should I choose Matellio to build my video streaming service app?

Yes, we do offer app submission services to help you submit your music streaming app on various online platforms including the Play Store and App Store. However, those services are paid and they might impact the final cost and time estimations for your music streaming app development. Hence, to eliminate such confusions, it is better to consult all your requirements and ideas with our experts. 

8. What do I get more content on my video streaming service app?

You can find a myriad of apps catering to all your global business needs with us. Right from finance and baking apps to healthcare, e-learning, home services, pet care, social media, delivery apps, taxi booking, live streaming, video conferencing, meditation and fitness, and much more; whatever be your vision we promise to turn it into a profitable reality.  

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