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What is Disney Plus?

Disney plus is an American subscription-based video streaming service with superhit franchises such as The Avengers, Star Wars, and many more in its ever-increasing list of offerings. Owned and maintained by The Walt Disney Company, Disney Plus brings premium quality original content such as Loki and The Mandalorian to its users. Perhaps Disney Plus's greatest strength is its user-friendly and feature-laden mobile app that makes it possible for people to have access to their favorite content whenever and wherever they like. With brilliant AI-led browsing and recommendations, Disney Plus offers its users plenty of reasons to stick around.
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High Market Demand

Take advantage of the intense global market demand for new video streaming services that offer great content and features.

Various Revenue Models

Choose revenue models that fits your business and offer various subscriptions to make sure you have something for everyone.

Artificial Intelligence

With AI, your users can browse for content more efficiently and make up their minds with the help of custom suggestions.

Great ROI

Achieve 100% ROI on your video streaming app by offering a great mobile app and quality content that your users can binge.

Amazing Features to Add in Apps Like Disney Plus

Here are some of the most exciting and in-demand features in the market that will make your Disney Plus Clone app a hit among your users.
Need Custom Features?
Subscription Management

Create, remove, edit, and manage your various video subscription plans according to your revenue and business models.

Content Management

Add, remove, manage or block video content from your Disney Plus clone app to maintain the quality of your content.

Notification Management

Keep your users in the loop and notify them about all the new content that you have added to your video streaming app.

Admin Management

Manage data, add and remove sub-admin users, and give them various privileges, all of it from just your admin panel.


Using real-time analytics data, monitor trends with the help AI/ML, and make sound business and marketing decisions.

Social Media

Manage your social media ad campaigns, promotional videos, etc. & share content on your various social media accounts.

24*7 Support

Respond to customer support tickets and track them throughout their life cycles to achieve better customer satisfaction.

Account Management

Manage all your expenses and earnings from a streamlined and easy-to-use finance management section in your admin panel.


With the help of AI/ML, evaluate your users’ viewing history and recommend them new content to add to their watch list.


Allow your users to play your video content on their smart T.Vs. and other devices using the screencasting technology.

Skip Intro

Don’t make them wait; give your users the ability to skip through the intros of their shows & get right to the action.

High-Quality Videos

Your users should be able to play the content at various resolutions and quality based on their internet connectivity.

Manage account

Your users should be able to change their user data, like profile picture, name, billing info, etc. whenever they like.

Screenshot Ban

Curb users from taking screenshots while they are using your app to protect your content and copyright infringements.

Social Media Share

Let your users share what they are watching or plan on watching on their social media platforms from inside your app.

Reviews and Likes

Make your users feel valued; Give them the power to share their user reviews and likes for your content on the app.

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How Disney Plus Works?

Get your feature-rich Disney Plus clone app developed today and reach a wide global user base and start seeing those profits today. Learn how Disney Plus works here.
  • 1
    Sign Up

    Users need to sign up to Disney Plus app using their email ID, phone numbers, or their social media accounts profiles.

  • 2
    Pick a Subscription

    Based on their budget and their preferences, they need to choose one of the subscriptions plans that Disney Plus offers.

  • 3

    They need to pay for their Disney plus subscription via a secure payment gateway using credit cards, debit cards, etc.

  • 4
    Kick Back and Enjoy!

    With that out of the way, users can now just sit back and enjoy the endless pool of entertainment at their fingertips.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Apps Like Disney Plus?

Ready to launch your feature-rich video streaming app? Find out how much it will set you back to launch your own video streaming app like Disney Plus with custom features.

Mobile app development is an incredibly complex process and it is not possible to come up with an exact quote for a Disney Plus clone app development without knowing its specific. There are countless things that need to be considered before decided on a fix number. According to your specific requirements and how complex they are, the development cost can go up and down significantly. It would also depend on how many custom features you want to add and what technology stack you choose to go with for your Disney Plus clone app. To get a free estimate for your Disney Plus Clone app development, you can contact us today and our expert developers would be happy to help you start your journey. 

Core Technologies Behind App Like Disney Plus

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create a Disney Plus clone app?

In order to create a Disney Plus clone app with our experts, you need to follow the below laid out steps: 

  • Find your target audience 
  • Gather a large collection of engaging video content 
  • Learn from your competitors 
  • Raise funds and land on a budget 
  • Figure out the perfect revenue model for your business
  • Build an MVP 
  • Test, release, and update

2. What other apps like Disney Plus do you develop?

The video steaming service market is quickly expanding and new players are deluging in from all sides. At Matellio, we are experts at creating video streaming app clones for the biggest names in the market: 

  • Hulu 
  • Netflix 
  • Apple TV 
  • Amazon Prime 
  • HBO Max

3. What revenue model is best for my Disney Plus clone app?

Every business model is different and thus requires a different kind of revenue model to support it. So it is not possible to answer this question without knowing more about the type of app that you wish to create and what your business goals are. But with that being said, there are a couple of revenue models you can choose from according to your business model: 

This is an incredibly subjective topic and the answer depends largely on what your business model is. That being said, there are a couple of revenue models you can choose from:  

  • Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD): Users buy a monthly/yearly subscription to get full access to your content bank. But you can also have various types of subscriptions like Premium or VIP. 
  • Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD): It is the pay-per-view model in which users pay only for what they want to watch.   
  • Ad-Supported Video on Demand (AVOD): Platforms that use this model, like YouTube, earn most of their revenue by paid advertisements. 
  • Hybrid: If you have an original idea for your video streaming app, something not seen before, then you need to come up with an equally original revenue model, something that is a mix of the other three models. The benefit of a Hybrid revenue model is that you get to experiment and find the best fit for your business model. 

4. How do apps like Disney Plus work?

Creating a successful video subscription app requires a lot of hard work and careful planning. Any good video subscription app has three key components working for it:

A constant stream of great content, great infrastructure and a sound marketing plan, one that can bring new customers. To get content, you need to acquire streaming rights for famous shows and movies from their production houses and studios. But keep in mind that this is a big investment, so make sure that the content you’re buying the rights for actually has demand in the market. 

Then comes the infrastructure. You need an app for your streaming service on all major platforms, including smart T.Vs. Also, your app should be full of great features and capable of running high-def videos. 

Finally, comes the marketing. You need a marketing plan that not only highlights all the great content you have, but also your mobile app and your revenue model. The point is to give users as many reasons as you can to download your app.  

5. How much does it cost to create a Disney Plus clone app?

It is impossible to come up with a fixed number before knowing the specifics of your Netflix clone app. With that in mind, an app with only a handful of essential features (MVP) will take a considerably less amount of money to build than an app that is chock-full of features and has all sorts of amazing AI-abilities. So, depending on how unique and feature-rich you want your app to be, the cost can vary drastically. 

6. How much time does it take to create a Disney Plus clone app?

It is an incredibly subjective question and can’t be answered without knowing more about the app. Based on your requirements, features, and technology you choose to work upon, the development time to create your time can vary drastically. The complexity of your app plays a crucial part in this as well would depend on how complex your app is. You can contact us to get a rough time estimation for your Disney Plus clone app. 

7. Do you develop other types of apps as well?

Yes, Matellio has twelve years of experience creating apps using the latest technologies. From AR/VR and AI-based apps, IoT applications, Matellio has developed solutions for clients across the globe. You can check out our portfolio here and if you want to get a free quote from our experts, you can contact us here 

8. Are you the copyright owner of the Disney Plus app?

No, we do not own any of the materials or content related to Disney Plus. However, we have access to some of the best video streaming app development tools and developers that are proficient in delivering similar custom apps like Disney Plus. Whatever be your requirements, our certified developers will include those in your custom Disney Plus clone app.