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Integrate robust third-party solutions to your existing enterprise applications with our professional enterprise application integration services. Fasten the pace of your digital transformation, and bridge the gap between data barriers by easily sharing the data across your business systems.

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    What is

    Why Your Business Needs Enterprise Application Integration Services?

    Generate new opportunities for your business with cloud and advanced digital environment using reliable application integration services. Eliminate IT complexities and resonate with future advancements by analysing your data thoroughly.

    From capacity planning, to unifying your existing legacy systems, and even offering the perfect architect and roadmap for your business, we offer a complete suite of enterprise application integration services that could help you step into a data-driven world.

    Easy Data Transfer

    Leverage exceptional data transfer capabilities that facilitates smooth communication between various business platforms.

    Detailed Insights

    Migrate data from various platforms like ERP, CRM, HRM, and so on and get real-time insights to your business operations.

    Future-Proof Business

    Connect your data, and application across your IT systems and accommodate futuristic technologies for your business.

    Reduced Cost

    Eliminate various IT complexities and automated even the simplest of the processes with application integration services.

    Enterprise Application Integration Services We Offer

    Enjoy our extensive range of automated services that smoothen your application integration process.
    Enterprise App Integration

    Ensure risk-free data integration to your CRM, ERP, corporate mails, and other digital platforms in an efficient manner with our cost-effective app integration services. Upgrade your app’s functionalities by integrating various third-party tools with our experts.

    Cloud Integration Services

    We offer various cloud-based APIs to help you seamlessly automate and integrate applications and your data from various environments into a secure cloud platform. Now integrate your applications to various cloud platforms including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

    Point-to-Point Integration

    Easily integrate an isolated or third-party system to your working environment by leveraging our ad-hoc middleware development capabilities in point-to-point integration services. Get professional guidance and a complete roadmap for your integration process from our experts.

    Data Integration Services

    Migrate your critical application’s data to a new and secured environment by leveraging our custom data federation and data management tools offered with our professional data integration services. Manage your application’s data efficiently.

    IoT End-Point Integration

    Easily integrate various IoT endpoints including devices, apps, and services with your primary business environment using our enterprise app integration and embedded development services. Get real-time data from your smart devices using our IoT end-point integration services.

    Integration Testing Services

    Get detailed insights to your enterprise application integration faults in a few clicks with our experts. Leverage top-bottom testing on components and system level for an efficient application integration with our professional testing services.

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    Become a part of the innovative and profitable brands by leveraging our Professional Application Integration Services.
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    Why Choose Matellio Application Integration?

    Discover the amazing benefits that makes us stand out from the competition when it comes to Application Integration Services
    Extensive Services

    From strategy, to identifying the integration elements, and even testing and support, we offer a complete suite of application integration services.

    100% Satisfaction

    From dedicated project managers to consultants, our team ensures 100% satisfaction of our clients in the best possible way.

    Effective Support

    We offer complete support for the services we provide, you can simply call or email us, and we will get right down to solve your problem.

    Accurate Planning

    Compiling the application integration plan, and analyzing the level of integration, everything is personalized to your business goals and needs.

    Better ROI

    Our professional enterprise application integration services offer measurable results, and better RoI by balancing your business needs and IT structures.

    No Hidden Costs

    There are no hidden or extra charges; we charge only what’s mentioned in the contract we sign; you don’t need to worry about paying extra later.

    Our Portfolio

    For every real-world problem, we have delivered software solutions which reflect our expertise in diverse verticals.

    Our Flexible Hiring Models

    Choose the best pricing models that best fit your business.
    Time & Material Basis Model
    billed yearly
    Long-term projectsLong-term projects
    Varying scope and timeframesVarying scope and timeframes
    Dynamic project requirementsDynamic project requirements
    Turnkey Model
    billed yearly
    Short-term projects or MVPShort-term projects or MVP
    Well-defined scopeWell-defined scope
    Test task for the developersTest task for the developers
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    Dedicated Resource Hiring
    billed yearly
    Dynamic project requirementsDynamic project requirements
    Need-based scalingNeed-based scaling
    Long-term projects & flexibilityLong-term projects & flexibility
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    Frequently asked questions

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

    1. What is Enterprise Integration Services?

    Enterprise integration services covers a vast range of processes like data interchange, system interconnection, and interconnected systems that further simplifies the IT complexities. With enterprise integration services, you could enhance the functioning of your business, and that results in time and cost-effective working.  

    2. What is application integration services?

    Application integration is yet again a part of enterprise integration services that works to integrate various applications together. With application integration services, you can enhance the collaboration between your various IT systems, or between a third-party system and your business solution to make your business efficient and cost-effective.  

    3. How does enterprise application integration work?

    Enterprise application integration links all the IT systems whether inside the business or outside the environment into a single platform. The main aim behind this is to automate all the tasks and ensure a data-driven environment for better and profitable decision making.  

    4. What is the purpose of application integration?

    Application integration is the process of enabling independently designed applications to work together. Commonly required capabilities include: Keeping separate copies of data (in independently designed applications) consistent. 

    5. What is an example of application integration?

    Application Migration Services include linking of many third-party systems to our business environment including Salesforce, NetSuite, SugarCRM. Moreover, systems like HR, supply chain management (SCM), and warehouse management (WMS) solutions could be integrated with our business environment. 

    6. What are the different application integration styles?

    There are majorly four types of application integration styles that are prominent in the market. 

    • Directly accessing or sharing the database. 
    • Batch file transfer or sharing. 
    • Invoking remote procedure (RPC). 
    • Swapping asynchronous messages over a message oriented middle-ware (MOM). 

    7. What are the architectures used in application integration?

    • Client/Server, 
    • N-tier, 
    • middleware architecture, 
    • service oriented architecture (SOA) 

    8. What other integration services do you offer?

    Besides website migration services, we offer many other types of data migration services like: 

    • API Integration Services 
    • Software Integration Services 
    • Service Oriented Architecture Services 

    You can contact our experts to know more about our Enterprise Integration Services or any other type of services for your enterprise.