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Our IoMT development services aim at providing healthcare institutions and businesses with cutting-edge IoT-based solutions. Our years of experience ensure perfection in every step, so you can rest assured about your investment and business growth.

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    Matellio’s Expertise in Building the Perfect IoMT Solutions

    The medical and healthcare sector welcomes new technologies for operations and service improvements. The Internet of Medical Things intends to revolutionize the industry with new products and connectivity, which couldn’t have been imagined without IoT. We aim to build such solutions with absolute perfection and deliver the best to our clients. At Matellio, we believe in improving lives in all aspects, and nothing comes close to the improvements our IoMT services can bring about.
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    Improved Patient Experience

    The connectivity enabled through IoMT devices provides an exemplary patient experience by data analysis.

    Reduced Cost of Treatment

    With advanced tools and devices at your disposal, the cost of treatment can be reduced in various ways.

    Enhanced Quality

    The quality of care, diagnosis and prognosis could all be exemplary through the data gathered by using IoMT devices.

    Increased Efficiency

    A centralized and inter-connected system with data syncs in real-time enables much more efficient and faster patient treatment.

    IoMT Solutions for Every Medical Requirement

    Variety of custom solutions, built from scratch to suit your specific needs and requirements.
    Remote Patient Monitoring

    Modern remote patient monitoring solutions ensure maximum safety for the patients, as these devices can detect even the most subtle change every few seconds.

    Chronic Care Management

    Chronic care management solutions are specifically designed to support a particular condition’s manifestation and help resolve or minimize the adverse effects.

    Assisted Living

    Enable far greater quality of life for patients requiring assisted living; our solutions are custom-built to support specifics based on the types of assistance required.

    Indoor Tracking

    These solutions are most popular with healthcare institutions; it helps keep track of a centralized system to enable quick response and maximize safety.

    Hospital Asset Tracking

    Certain medical equipment and hospital assets can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars; we can integrate tracking functionality to ensure their safety.

    Smart Hospitals and Wards

    IoT enables a variety of smart features which can be offered in wards and hospital premises. We build custom solutions to suit every need of the institution.

    Planning an IoMT Solution for Your Hospital?

    We can create a perfectly customized solution to suit your end-to-end needs.

    IoMT Development Services Matellio Provides

    Choose from our range of services, or contact us with your custom requirements.

    Cloud IoMT App Development

    A cloud IoMT app enables everything on offer with the technology in the palm of the hand. With our IoMT app development services, you can achieve the most intricate level of control with the most user-friendly interface.
    • Real-time Accessibility  
    • Data Security 
    • Asset Monitoring 
    • 24/7 Availability 

    IoMT Data Management and Analytics

    We develop solutions to manage terabytes of data generated by your devices and help create algorithms to analyze it. Our unique mix of expertise in IoT and AI helps us deduce the best IoMT analytics solution.
    • Data Encryption 
    • Advanced Analytics 
    • Real-time Sync 
    • Centralized Access 

    Medical Device Software Development

    Our medical device software development service revolves around creating embedded engineering software for your range of IoMT devices to be connected and function as per your requirements.
    • Device Integration 
    • Remote Access 
    • Centralized View  
    • Device Control 

    Integration with Hospital IT Systems

    With our years of experience, we have knowledge of connecting and implementing various devices with hospital networks. We can ensure perfect integration and viability for any range of IoMT devices.
    • Legacy Device Integration 
    • Services Integration 
    • IT Network Monitoring 
    • Network Security 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the internet of medical things?

    The internet of medical things is a network containing a range of medical devices connected to the IT mainframe of a healthcare institution. The wearable device and companion apps that serve health purposes can also come under IoMT. There are various services and solutions offered in the field which work towards the betterment of the premises and patient health. 

    2. Why is the internet of medical things the future of healthcare?

    While modern healthcare was mostly dependent on systems that can detect and prevent illnesses, IoMT enables so 24/7 in real-time. The Internet of medical things also enables data pull from wearables, which can detect different health vitals based on device capabilities. The combined information a doctor has without even evaluating patient history is what makes IoMT the future of healthcare.  

    3. How does the internet of medical things work?

    The internet of medical things works on the same concept as IoT, but the devices of focus change to medical equipment and assets. A custom IoMT software is built to control and read data from various devices inside and outside hospital premises. If a client wants, we can even build an IoMT mobile app that can sync with user’s wearable devices to access recorded vitals over the past.  

    4. How is the internet of medical things impacting healthcare?

    Undoubtedly, IoMT has had one of the greatest impacts on healthcare in decades. We can certainly expect a much further improvement as more and more people invest in IoMT. There are various unexplored uses, and the space is expanding rapidly. If you are planning on investing in IoMT solutions, now could be the perfect time to do so. Book a free consultation with our experts to learn the possibilities of our IoMT development services.  

    5. How much does it cost to create custom IoMT software?

    The cost to create IoMT software mostly depends on the network size and the functionalities of the software itself. While you would expect a ballpark, it is very hard to deduce costs without knowing the details, as the software can be of various types. But you don’t need to worry at all; you can contact us for a free quote by filling out the form below.  

    6. How much time would it take to build and implement an IoMT solution?

    We can take various approaches if you need a solution faster; we can build smaller sub-systems and components and connect them to a mainframe. The time to develop depends mostly on how you plan to implement the system, and we can guide you on the same once we are familiar with your primary requirements. You can seek a free consultation with our experts if you need an exact timeline.