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Terabytes of data are generated by your IoT devices daily, and we ensure you can use them properly. Our IoT analytics solution aims at creating a system where every bit of data is recorded and used as per requirements.

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    IoT analytics is one of the essential services any IoT-based solution and service provider requires. Data is the world's new gold, and having tons of important data wasted is a missed opportunity. We enable data-driven growth for our clients and enable a fortified and linear approach toward it. The analytics also helps you derive a majority of risk mitigation insights, which would help you grow without doubts. With all the data formulated, you can ensure to move ahead with concrete strategies based on actual analysis and drive your business towards growth.
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    Automated Workflows

    The data would be collected automatically, processed, and presented to you as knowledge-based.

    Cost effective Development
    Better ROI

    You can leverage data to generate a massive return on investment for the entire IoT system.


    We offer a secure network infrastructure used by IoT devices and systems to prevent unauthorized access and attacks.

    Competitive Advantage

    Gain a competitive advantage with performance, efficiency increment, and faster time to market.

    IoT Analytics Use Cases

    See how IoT analytics is transforming different businesses and industries.
    Taxi Fleet Matching Demand & Supply

    IoT devices generate data feeds regarding positions, driver fatigue, mood, and working capacity on board. It can be leveraged to extract data about supply and demand to cater to the customer base in a much more efficient way.

    Detecting Faulty Windmills

    A combination of sensors, drones, and image processing is being used to draw out faults in windmills. The timely detection enables easier resolutions and reduces downtime to the minimum.

    Predictive Maintenance in the Semiconductor Industry

    Data generated during the semiconductor manufacturing process can enable and resolve supply chain issues. Predictive maintenance can enable better manufacturing process efficiency driving production and supply.

    Telematics Solution in a Connected Car

    Telematics offers a connected experience but requires core IoT analytics to function properly. A properly implemented telematics solution can enable a truly connected experience where one can leverage data generated over the entire network.

    Leverage the Data Processed Through Your IoT Analytics Solution

    Explore how you can mitigate risks, and grow your business exponentially with and IoT analytics solution.

    IoT Analytics Service Offerings

    Explore our range of services offered for analyzing and sorting data generated through IoT systems.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is IoT Analytics?

    IoT analytics refers to the process of analyzing the vast amounts of data generated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices to gain valuable insights and knowledge. IoT analytics involves collecting data from sensors and other IoT devices, storing the data in a database or other storage system, and analyzing the data to extract insights and patterns. 

    2. What is the role of data analytics in IoT?

    Data analytics plays a crucial role in IoT as it helps organizations extract valuable insights from the massive volumes of data generated by IoT devices. The role of data analytics in IoT includes: 

    • Detecting anomalies and predicting failures 
    • Improving operational efficiency 
    • Enhancing customer experience 
    • Enabling data-driven decision-making

    3. How do you analyze IoT data?

    Analyzing IoT data involves several steps, which include: 

    a. Data collection: Collecting data from IoT devices using sensors, gateways, or other data collection mechanisms. 

    b. Data storage: Storing the data in a database or other storage system that can handle the high volume, velocity, and variety of IoT data. 

    c. Data preprocessing: Preprocessing the data to clean it, remove missing or irrelevant data, and transform it into a format suitable for analysis. 

    d. Data analysis: Using statistical or machine learning techniques to extract insights, patterns, and trends from the data. 

    e. Visualization: Presenting the results of the analysis in a visual form, such as charts, graphs, or dashboards, to help users understand the insights and make informed decisions. 

    f. Integration: Integrating the analysis results with other systems or applications to take action based on the insights gained from the IoT data. 

    4. How many types of analytics are needed for IoT?

    The types of analytics for IoT depend on various data types and formats, as well as when it was captured. There are descriptive analytics, real-time analytics, predictive analytics, and more. The types of analytics needed would ultimately be decided based on your requirements from the solution we build for you.  

    5. What are the crucial aspect when planning an IoT analytics project?

    Planning and execution are both important aspects; without them, most of us are bound to fail. If you require assistance in either or both, all you need to do is contact us, and we will help you out. Our consultants have tons of experience in building flawless IoT analytics platforms and can help you create the perfect one.  

    6. Do I need clean data from the start?

    Cleaning historical data is usually considered a headstart. While you won’t have to invest anything on the development end, utilizing your historical data sets can end up getting a much better IoT analytics solution.  

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