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Our IoT gateway experts will thoroughly analyze your pre-existing or new systems to derive the maximum benefits from your investment. We scale the solution’s model depending on your primary goals, and we aim to have you achieve them in the most streamlined and scalable way possible. No matter how many devices you have planned or integrated into your system, we will make sure to make an inclusive IoT gateway solution.
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Automated Workflows
Enhanced Security

IoT Gateways manage data flows and device-device interactions boosting security in all aspects.

Cloud Implementation

We can implement your gateway solution with a cloud as well, enabling complete control from anywhere.

Streamlined Communication

You can easily choose and set streamlined communications and interactions with our IoT solution.

Cost Reduction

Making the most of data and opportunities can help reduce wastage and unnecessary costs

IoT Gateway Applications

Matellio offers stellar IoT gateway solutions to help clients deliver exceptional user experience and have a thriving business.
Industrial Application

With tons of devices and sensors, well-implemented IoT gateways are necessary for almost every industry. The use case ranges from inter-departmental connectivity to gathering valuable data and using it for improvements.

Smart Lighting

Energy is one the most valuable resources on earth, and conversing and preserving it is possible to the most minute level through IoT. We can configure an IoT gateway, especially for smart lighting.

Preventive Maintenance

With every movement being captured and data for it being processed through an IoT gateway, preventive maintenance is more achievable than ever. An IoT gateway is a great move if your goal is preventive maintenance.

Smart Agriculture

Smart agriculture is defined as using various devices for automation, monitoring, and maintenance. An IoT gateway combines all the apparatus and sensors and feeds data in a centralized space to ensure connectivity.

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Our Customized IoT Gateway Development Services

Explore our range of services helping businesses making informed decisions and improve productivity.

IoT Gateway Communication

Building a communication device and sensor-specific communication channel enables a smooth information flow. We use different protocols to ensure every device is connected and transfer the required data.
  • Variety of Integrations 
  • Multiple Devices 
  • Multiple Sensors 
  • D2D and D2S 

IoT Gateway Software Development & Testing

We excel at IoT gateway software development to achieve everything one expects from the service. The development and testing service involves end to end production of a custom solution for your requirements.
  • Centralized Management 
  • Data Visualization  
  • Graphs and Charts 
  • 360 Control 

IoT Hardware Design Consulting

Our experts can help you build the perfect hardware design to enable maximum data transfer and leverage device capabilities. Consult with us to build your dream product which is capable of handling whatever you need.
  • Device Configuration  
  • Hardware Mapping 
  • Design Consulting 
  • Device Design Optimization

Maintenance & Support Services

Our maintenance and support services enable a future proof solution to drive growth and viability at the same time. We provide you with various services to ensure a 360-growth for your business and enterprise.
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Upgradation Services 
  • Versioning Support 
  • Maintenance Packages 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you tell us about your IoT gateway development processes and some key features of your custom-developed IoT gateway devices?

IoT gateway development typically involves designing and building a device that connects IoT devices to the internet and other networks, allowing data to be collected, processed, and transmitted. The key features of custom-developed IoT gateway devices can vary depending on the specific use case, but they may include wireless connectivity, edge computing capabilities, data storage, security features, and remote management and monitoring. 

2. What are the best practices followed by Matellio for the development of a highly secured IoT gateway solution?

To develop a highly secured IoT gateway solution, best practices typically involve implementing security measures at every stage of the development process, including network security, encryption, authentication, access control, and device management. It is also important to conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify and address any potential security risks. 

3. Can you explain more about how data security is ensured in your IoT gateway development projects?

Data security in IoT gateway development projects can be ensured through the use of encryption, authentication, and access control mechanisms. Data can be encrypted during transmission and storage to prevent unauthorized access, while user authentication and access control can be used to restrict access to data and devices. 

4. What about hardware security within your IoT gateway development solutions?

Hardware security in IoT gateway development solutions may involve the use of tamper-proofing mechanisms, secure boot and firmware updates, and hardware-based encryption and decryption. Hardware security measures can help prevent unauthorized access and tampering with the device or data.  

5. How do you manage Load balancing in IoT Gateways?

Load balancing in IoT Gateways is a critical task to ensure that the traffic to and from the IoT devices is efficiently distributed and that the overall system remains responsive and reliable. Here are some ways to manage load balancing in IoT gateways: 

Distributed data processing 

Intelligent routing 


Monitoring and reporting 

6. How do you ensure continuous availability of the gateway without any downtime?

To ensure continuous availability of the gateway without any downtime, here are some best practices: 

Watching the Redundancy 

Avoiding Failover 

Continuous Monitoring 

Continuous Testing 

Placing Backup and Restore