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Manage all the facets of your lease administration with a single screen. Leverage cutting-edge lease management solutions to support compliance requirements, mitigate accounting risks, and ensure better business insights for informed decision-making.
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    Our Business-specific Lease Management Software Development Services

    Gain complete control of the leasing process of your real estate with easy-to-use lease management software.
    Commercial Realtor
    Commercial Realtors

    Seamlessly manage lease-related issues in your corporate real estate business.

    Residential Realtors
    Residential Realtors

    Gain control of your leasing process with advanced lease management solutions.

    Raw Land Realtors
    Raw Land Realtors

    Garner important leasing insights with intuitive lease management software.

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    Bespoke Lease Management Solutions to Take Your Business to the Next Level

    Lease management software helps real estate businesses to eliminate complexities related to managing property leases. It helps you keep tabs on the leasing agreements within diverse portfolios in a few clicks. The cloud-based features allow them to store all the documents in a centralized place to ensure easy accessibility & tracking. At Matellio, we help these brands deploy the best of the lease management solutions for their properties. Our teams hold experience in working with global real estate clientele & offering them the right technological help. To request a quote, share your requirements with us right away.
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    Get a comprehensive view of the overall system and draw insightful business decisions.


    Integrate the lease management system with existing ERP for seamless operations.

    Track Lease Data
    Track Lease Data

    Get a detailed view of everything related to the real estate lease in a few clicks.

    Improve Operations
    Improve Operations

    Enhance business process to make operations cost & time efficient.

    Distinctive Features of Lease Management Software

    Explore a wide range of smart and user-friendly features that we offer to make your custom lease management software development successful.
    Lease Contract Management
    Lease Contract Management

    Manage all datapoints related to lease such as start/ end date, property owners, documentation, correspondence, and more.

    Lease Options
    Lease Options

    Easy to use functionality for leasing options like lease renew, break, future leases, and more to make management simpler.


    Any lease charges linked to an index including caps and collar arrangements i.e., CPI, RPI and more.

    Rent Review
    Rent Review

    Check functionalities related to rent like amount, rent reviews, back dated rental calculation, & flat percentage rental increases.

    Lease payments
    Lease payments

    Manage all charges related to the lease with the corresponding lease values, periodicity etc. i.e. rent, service charge, insurance.

    Incentives and costs
    Incentives and Costs

    Including dilapidations, residual value guarantee, incentives, impairments, rent free periods etc.

    Turnover Rents
    Turnover Rents

    Retail percentage related rents across multiple sales categories, be it pure turnover rent or a base rent plus variable turnover top up, both from a payable & receivable perspective.


    Including rental deposits, guarantees, non-refundable arrangement fees, whether the deposit is cash or otherwise, as well as linking to an index.


    Referenceable clauses within the lease contract highlighted and tracked for successful management of the lease without manual review of the physical contract.

    Ready to Implement Lease Management Software in Your Real Estate Business?

    Connect with our experts to launch lease management software with your choice of features and tech stack.

    Lease Management Software Development Services that We Offer

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is lease management system?

    Lease management system is a comprehensive system that affects the complete workflow with the transparency of data. If simplifies the complete process of property management and helps in the enhancement of your business. This system is a reliable system that could enhance your planning and project management.

    2. What process does Matellio follow for lease management software development?

    We follow an agile methodology to develop custom real estate lease management software for your brand. Our development stages include:

    • Idea validation and consultation  
    • MVP creation
    • Virtual tour software development
    • Testing your solution
    • Deploying on your choice of platform

    3. What services do you offer with virtual tour software development?

    We as a real estate lease management Software Development Company offer digital consulting and MVP creation to software architecture re-engineering, UI/UX, software/app development, testing, and even maintenance and support, we offer all sorts of VR Development services to make your real estate selling a business a hit! You can fill in our form below to know more about our services.

    4. Do you offer post-launch support?

    Yes, we offer reliable and cost-effective post-launch support for your real estate lease management software development. From data migration and platform migration to technology updates, feature addition, and even testing and maintenance, we offer everything to help you succeed in your niche.

    5. Which engagement models does Matellio offer?

    Matellio offers flexible engagement models that include: 

    • Turnkey model
    • Hourly-based model
    • Dedicated developer model
    • Hybrid engagement model that combines offshore and onshore model

    6. How do you ensure data security and confidentiality?

    Our expert real estate software developers follow the best development methodology and access the latest security tools to make your custom project secure. We even offer our clients NDA (non-disclosure agreement) services to protect their ideas and data from third-party access.

    7. How much does it cost to build lease management software?

    The cost of building a lease management software depends on multiple aspects like: Functionality, tech stack, development team size, etc. For an accurate estimate, you can share your complete requirements. Our team dives deep into the details, help you unleash full potential, and share the quote.

    8. How long does it take to develop lease management software?

    Implementing a lease management system can take anywhere between months and years. It can vary widely, however, depending on the following factors: Size of the company, Complexity of the system being installed, including ISV add-ons and required customizations, and more.

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