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Launch your own multi-vendor real estate marketplace to streamline your real estate agency. Hire us as your technology partner to develop a state-of-the-art property listing marketplace designed and optimized to grow your business. To explore more about our services, reach out to our team right away!
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    What is

    Our Business-specific Real Estate Marketplace Software Development Services

    Benefit from a wide range of marketplace solutions tailor made to suit the business needs of every type of real estate business.
    Commercial Realtor
    Commercial Realtors

    Help your corporate clients discover and explore properties in a better way with a dedicated marketplace for corporate realtors.

    Residential Realtors
    Residential Realtors

    Help your customers find the right houses for your families with our bespoke marketplace development services.

    Raw Land Realtor
    Raw Land Realtors

    Revolutionize property buying experience for your customers using custom real estate marketplace development services.

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    Bespoke Solutions to Take Your Business to the Next Level

    Add more value to your customer services, expand your market reach, boost conversions, and increase your revenue with a comprehensive real estate marketplace. Our extensive range of software development services help brand realize their digital transformation initiatives into a beautiful reality. Right from UI/UX to development and deployment, we have every stage of the software development lifecycle taken care for you. Let's build an intuitive and user-friendly marketplace for your business.
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    Better Reach

    Reach more customers to build your sales funnel & augment the revenue for your business.

    Informed Decision making
    Informed Decision-making

    Find all the data you need at the tip of your fingers to make better strategic decisions.

    Scalable Architecture

    From a few properties to thousands of them, manage them with a custom solution.

    Higher Revenue

    Convert more customers with better reach and increase the business revenue.

    Distinctive Features of Real Estate Marketplace Solution

    Find every feature that helps make property listing a breeze for you in the custom solutions.
    A Comprehensive Management System
    Comprehensive System

    Buy, sell, rent, or mortgage the properties seamlessly and get comprehensive information about all the properties in one go.

    Search & Filters
    Dynamic Search Filters

    Provides various options to the users to search for properties and help them find relevant properties in a few clicks.

    Third-Party Integrations

    Seamlessly integrates with other powerful software solutions of real estate like CRM, MLS Software, Lead Management, and so on.

    Mobile Access
    Mobile Access

    You can control and operate your entire real estate business and other vital operations using a mobile application of your choice.

    Property Management
    Property Management

    Powerful and fully integrated dashboard to provide all the details of a particular property like price, location, ratings and reviews, etc.

    Appointment Scheduling
    Appointment Scheduling

    Enables the property managers to schedule appointments for property visits and supports on-time alerts, and rescheduling options.

    Advanced Searching

    Integrated searching module that provides seamless searching experience to the user by predicting search terms, keywords, & even correcting typos.

    Ratings & Reviews

    Track and manage the ratings and reviews of the properties and brokers of your marketplace and enables the users to share their feedback.

    Attribute Management

    The user can seamlessly add different attributes to various properties and can position them based on priorities using this robust feature.

    Ready to Launch Cutting-edge Real Estate Marketplace?

    Connect with our experts to launch real estate marketplace software with your choice of features and tech stack and implement best-suited for your business.

    Real Estate Marketplace Development Services that We Offer

    Looking for a Fixed-Price Quote for Your Real Estate Marketplace Software?

    Connect with our experts to discuss all your requirements and get a free no-obligation quote that matches with your expectations.

    Next-gen Real Estate Marketplace Solutions

    Stay ahead of the competition curve and grow your business by integrating state-of-the-art technologies in your software solution.

    Revolutionize property viewing experience for your clients with immersive AR/ VR. Change how they make their purchase decisions and enable a 360-degree property viewing without them having to be physically present.

    Big Data
    Big Data

    Make information access seamless with big data implementation in your real estate marketplace platform. Leverage important data and insights to enable strategic decision-making, data security, and safety.

    AI reporting
    Artificial Intelligence

    Reinvent and rescale your real estate marketplace with advanced artificial intelligence technology that helps you drive business growth with informed decision-making, demand forecasting, dynamic pricing, market analysis and more.

    Do You Want to Implement Next-Gen Real Estate Marketplace Software Development? 

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    Other Real Estate Solutions that We Can Build for You

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why Matellio for custom real estate marketplace development?

    Matellio, a global software engineering brand, is known for delivering exceptional digital transformation services to its customers worldwide. By hiring Matellio as your technology partner, you avail benefits such as: 

    • Access to highly-skilled, certified resources 
    • Cost-effective, flexible pricing models 
    • Seamless communication standards 
    • Round-the-clock expert availability
    • 30-Minute FREE expert consultation
    • Post-launch support and maintenance
    • Expert help from ideation to deployment
    • Years of industry experience 

    And a lot more.

    2. What are the benefits of real estate marketplace solution?

    There are many benefits of the Real Estate Marketplace Solution. To name a few, we have- 

    • A single integrated system 
    • Improved workflow and efficiency 
    • Reduced redundant data entry
    • Consolidated business
    • Improved access to information
    • Better property listing
    • Higher conversions due to broader market reach

    3. How does Matellio work?

    We have best-in-class resources and a certified development team to help you build an efficient and error-free web/mobile application with high-end performance. We operate on agile practices to build custom solutions for our clients. It includes the following stages: 

    • Research and Analysis: Tell us your ideas and requirements and we will research the best possible ways to make it feasible for your project. 
    • Proposal Creation: We provide you an opportunity to brainstorm and review the proposal and hire our full-stack development team over different engagement models. 
    • Development: At Matellio, we have a certified and experienced development team that dedicatedly works and ensures a smooth development process in an organized manner. 
    • Quality Assurance: With automated tools, and on-the-spot performance benchmarking, our QA Engineers promises to deliver the best-in-class application on your desired platform.

    4. How does Matellio ensure the quality of software deliverables?

    Our expert team of QA runs each software with multiple stages of Quality Analysis. These stages include unit tests, integration tests, system tests, and acceptance tests.

    5. What additional services can Matellio offer?

    Once you have your web/ mobile real estate marketplace solution ready, you can avail Matellio services such as: 

    • App to web or web to app migration
    • Tech stack upgrade
    • Feature enhancement
    • Support and maintenance
    • Documentation and team training

    6. How to build custom real estate marketplace software?

    If you want to build quality custom real estate marketplace software, it is important to hire an expert custom software development company. While many businesses rely on freelancers for these services, results may not be as good as one can get with a solution development organization. Once you have pinned your requirements, you can reach out to the software development company and discuss them in detail. They will help you turn your ideas into reality with the best return on investment.

    7. How much does customized software cost?

    The cost of custom software development depends on multiple factors such as: 

    • The requirements of the systems 
    • Features to be developed
    • The complexity of the functionality
    • Number of system users
    • Number of resources involved 

    And multiple others. For an accurate estimation, you can share your requirements.

    8. How long does it take to make software?

    The time required for custom software development depends on multiple factors such as: 

    • The requirements of the systems 
    • Features to be developed 
    • The complexity of the functionality 
    • Number of system users
    • Number of resources involved 

    And multiple others. For an accurate estimation, you can share your requirements.

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