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Financial Literacy App for a Step-by-Step Finance Guide

Project Introduction

Optol is a financial literacy app that focuses on providing step-by-step education about finances to its users. The app follows a reward system where users can earn those along the way and redeem them down the line. The app is available on both popular mobile operating systems and works on subscription.
Personal finance concepts are the core teaching on offer by Optol, and they planned for users to take a GPS-guided like approach toward their goals. There is payment gateway integration where admins can track subscription payments and approve profiles based on the real-time payment status.

Industry Brief

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Website and Mobile App Development

Finance planning is becoming increasingly popular amongst the youth. People are getting more and more oriented toward investing rather than holding money. With this shift, we are seeing a major increase in the popularity of apps like Optol. Optol focuses on basic financial literacy, which most people of the newer generation lack. The concept behind apps is new in the industry and could certainly make it rise to popularity.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights for Web and Mobile App Development Optol

Learning Path

The app follows a gamified learning approach where users follow a step-wise approach.


An external payment gateway is linked to collect subscription payments and the real-time status.

Rewards System

Users can earn rewards as they accomplish goals and use them later for different purposes.