Apollo- An AIOps Solution

Network Operation, NLP enabled Chatbot

Apollo is a Complete Solution to Automate Detection of Common and Documented Problems and Anomalies in a System

Project Overview

Apollo is a complete solution to automate detection of common and documented problems and anomalies in the system. With Apollo, we have enabled operations related data to be gathered, sorted, and automatically acted upon, for all types of networks. Apollo complements your existing system, there won’t be a need to replace any of the existing systems or processes.
Apollo can be deployed in cloud, as well as in your premises, Apollo can be up and running in a couple of hours on your network. Apollo works as you want it to, with easy to create ML use cases, you wouldn’t need a data scientist for working with Apollo. The natural language process is self-learning and improves customer experience with each recurring visit.

Industry Brief

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Network Operations


Automation & Chatbot

The network services industry wants a standardized approach and common views into the NOCs and operators to determine the most efficient processes to leverage. Our main aim was to introduce intelligence functionality that can significantly improve network management operations. With Apollo, we have enabled operations-related data to be gathered, sorted, and automatically acted upon for a wide variety of networks. The AI-based solution complements your existing system, so there won’t be any need to replace existing systems or processes.

  • Automated Event Sorting
  • Automate Resolutions
  • Problem Identification
  • Acknowledgement Process

Technology Stack

From advanced to legacy software development tools, our experts pioneer in best of technology stack.
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Highlights for Apollo, an AIOps Solution

Analytics Hub

Analytics Hub is a complete solution for collected and flowing data in the system.


Chatbot is built to ease the process of network administration and remediation.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation enables automated remediation of anomalies.