Elevator Pitch App

Social Media, Business and Employment, Pitching Platform  

Virtual Elevator Pitch Social Media Platform  

Project Introduction

The social media app focuses on business and employment, where users can explore new things professionally. The platform's main feature is how users can post their virtual elevator pitches, and whoever is interested in investing or working together can approach them within the app.
The platform features tons of integrations and social media features while focusing on a niche. There’s in-app messaging, video uploads, templates for pitches, and more. The pitch uploaded can be put into respective categories as well, and users on the platform can find it through it.

Industry Brief

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Social Media


Mobile App Development

Social apps have gained pace for every kind of niche out there, and professional apps aren’t shying away in any respect. An elevator pitch platform is fairly new in the space and can work wonders if it's successful. While there are tons of different platforms for both business and employment and virtual pitch, there’s none that literally combines both. The opportunity is out there for those who want to change the space for good, and the elevator pitch app is set to do so.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights for Mobile App Development for Elevator Pitch App

Pitch Upload

Users can choose templates and upload documents, videos, and PDFs per their choice.

Account Types

Separate styles for companies and individuals to appeal to specific interests.

Social Links

Multiple social linking to increase reach on multiple social platforms of the user.