Got This!

Psychotherapy, Motivational App, Virtual Toolbox to Connect with Oneself

Motivational App to Help Users Reach Their Goals

Project Introduction

Got This! is a motivational app built for users looking forward to creating new relationships with themselves. It is based on psychotherapy and helps turn fears, thoughts, and memories in the user’s brain into working memory. It acts as a virtual toolbox for users looking forward to finding new paths to mind, body, and life.
Users can start by picking a problem or goal they want to work upon, and imagine what’s holding them back. Got This! features multiple ways for users to experience a multi-sensory experience overload. It uses visual, audio, tactile, and AR all together for creating a real-time experience of virtual workout and relaxation.

Industry Brief

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Healthcare/ Lifestyle


Web and App Development

More and more people are looking toward regaining mindfulness and mental wellbeing. The industry is driven by a common problem almost every individual face and has to deal with without any support. Apps like Got This! enable more users from the comfort of their homes and through their phones. While early adoption is promising, we believe there’s going to be a boom for these apps in the coming time.

  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Psychotherapy App
  • Motivational App
  • Healthcare Solutions

Technology Stack

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Angular js

Highlights for App and Web Development for Got This!

AR Integration

The best of EMDR psychotherapy through integrated Augmented Reality Technology.

Progress Tracking

Users can check and share their progress throughout the course they are seeking.

Form-Based Questionnaire

Users can answer questions to customize the app based on their interests.