GRAS Risk Assessment

Assessment Tool, Spatial Modeling, Risk Assessment 

Risk Assessment Tool for GRAS 

Project Introduction

GRAS risk assessment is a focused service using a complex spatial modeling approach to predict and report various risks. The risk assessment tools we created for GRAS enable a range of features and support different file formats as well. Users can simply upload their choice of files and raise a request for reports on selected polygons.
When a request is raised on the platform, the user would be able to see the amount due for it. The admin will then generate an invoice and upload it to the tool for the user to make payment. As soon as the GRAS reporting team completes the report, the user will get an option to download or export the report in their choice of format.

Industry Brief

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Web App Development

Various companies offer different risk assessment and reporting tools, and the industry has been growing majorly in terms of being a vital business utility. With technology-fueled growth, we can expect more and more innovation in the segment. For GRAS risk assessment, the problem of modeling polygons was a complex one, and yet using the correct technology, we were able to create a perfect web solution for them.

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  • GRAS Risk Assessment 

Technology Stack

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Highlights of Development for GRAS Risk Assessment Tool


Seamless payments through the integration of Paypal Plus as the payment processing solution.


Once the reports are ready, users can view them all and export/download them when they want.


Users can upload different vector formats for their models without using any other tool.