Subscription Buying App

Subscription, Third Party Aggregator, Aggregator App 

An Aggregator Web Portal for Subscriptions  

Project Introduction

The main aim of the application is to sell subscriptions for third-parties. The platform acts as an all-in-one aggregator which brings together subscriptions for different kinds of services. The web platform is available for both admin and users, where each can avail different functionalities.
Admins can change content on web portals, add new subscriptions, manage blogs, and more through their login. Users will be able to register and see subscriptions as well as update their profiles as required. The app focuses on enabling a simpler way to purchase and access subscriptions.

Industry Brief

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Life Style


Web App Development

Given the amounts popular stores are charging for subscriptions, apps like the subscription web portal can be true game changers. The lifestyle industry focuses on creating a space where users can avail anything they want from various industries. The subscription-buying app solves the long-standing problem of having no place to buy subscriptions from except their respective app stores, which charge a premium and make sellers inflate prices.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights of Development for Subscription Buying App


A custom CMS through which the admin can make changes to web content and blogs.

Manage Subscription

Admin can manage subscriptions while users can view purchase history and buy new ones.


Stripe payment gateway integration for seamless processing of payments for subscriptions.