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Project Introduction

Hoople brings in a unique concept where dating is based on personal preferences and activities a user wants to do. A user can select between various options to find their perfect match within the application. A complex algorithm helps determine the perfect partner for a user and keeps on adding new matches as preferences change.
Users can sign up, upload details, and make choices within the app to determine their experience. The algorithm matches people based on their particular selections. The entire dating app development concept is to connect like-minded people as they would have more similarities and more chances of being happy together.

Industry Brief

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Website and Mobile App Development

Dating has changed forever since the introduction of popular dating apps. Hopple tries to break the regular swipes to create a personalized experience for each of its users. The questions and their answer would help users find a more personalized experience. Analytics have evolved to the point where there would be much lesser differences, even if two people don’t know anything about each other. Technology is fast growing, and we can certainly assume much better ways to date in the future with apps like Hopple.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights for Website and Mobile App Development for Hopple

Easy Registration

A streamlined registration process to begin matching within minutes.


Analytics can help determine factors that could lead to better matches.


A proprietary recommendation engine to find the perfect match.