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Mobile App for Adventure Sports Lovers to Discover Ongoing Hunting Adventures

Project Introduction

Hunt Apps is a mobile application that aims to offer a premium hunting experience to users. Users can register on the app to join in for the ongoing hunting adventures, get the necessary documentation and share them with other users. With Hunt Apps, users receive a comprehensive suite of things they would need during the hunt.
It includes safety gear, offline maps in satellite and topological view, GPS information, and more. Users can analyze their hunting skills using leaderboard & compare their performance on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. The app also features a community dashboard wherein you can share your experience & ideas with friends and family.

Industry Brief

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App Development

Hunting has been around since the dawn of mankind, and technology is now making it easier than ever. The industry is becoming more popular than ever and a sport which people of all backgrounds play. With various assistance features loaded in mobile apps, it is now safer and being adopted by more and more people around the globe. Hunt Apps plan to revolutionize hunting with out-of-the-box features enabling more people to pursue the hunting sport.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights for App Development for Hunt App

Discover Hunting Adventures

The app lets users find the ongoing hunting adventures and register for them.

Upload Documents

Users can upload and share various documents required to register for the adventures.

Receive Gears

Users receive hunting gear like safety gear, offline maps, GPS information, etc.