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Construction Compliance App for Reporting CPCC Violations 

Project Introduction

KwikCompli is an app designed for reporting public agency violence regarding construction codes to the regional compliance managers at CIFAC. Through the app, users can create anonymous violation reports within minutes and upload images as supporting documents as well.
Through KwikCompli, the CIFAC aims to catch and penalize contractors and public agencies violating set rules with help from the general public. The app features a section where users can see the projects influenced by violation complaints raised on the KwikCompli applications.

Industry Brief

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Mobile App Development

The construction industry is filled with greedy contractors and public agencies breaking the law and violating laws set by local agencies. To combat the situation, the Construction Industry Force Account Council thought of public mobile apps where users can report any possible violations they see. Since both governmental and non-governmental agencies need to be answerable for the relevant violations raised through the app, the sector seems to improve much more than before.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights for Mobile App Development for KwikCompli

Image Support

Users can either click pictures or upload them through their camera roll to support claims.


Users can find actions taken on their complaints and total complaints raised on dashboard.

Easy Reporting

Users can report the violations in under 5 minutes by filling out a small form and uploading pictures.