Pneumatic Pump Tracker

Landfill and Dairy, IoT, Cycle Counter 

Pneumatic Pump Tracker and Cycle Counter App 

Project Introduction

The application serves the purpose of enabling the operator to track and register accurate readings for pump cycles. The landfill and dairy industry seek automation as much as possible to improve efficiency and operations. Pneumatic pump tracker solves various issues while improving operations.
The application is Bluetooth-compatible and connects with a range of devices. An overall reduction in time and materials used to track pump cycles for the LFG-GCCS system through the app. IoT is used majorly to achieve the said results in the application and completely obliterates the need for physical touch.

Industry Brief

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Dairy and Landfill


Mobile App Development

IoT has enabled tons of opportunities for easing and automating general operations for the dairy industry. The application enables counting pump cycles to keep the process smoother and more efficient. It also removes the need for physical touch, making the system much more hygienic than before.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights for Mobile App Development for Cycle Counter App

IoT Integration

The app can automatically read data from connected IoT devices.

Handsfree Tracking

Bluetooth enables counting without any physical touch.

Centralized Control

Check and control devices functioning in the system in real time.