Leman Health

Health and Fitness, Augmented Reality, 2D Body Tracking 

Online Physiotherapy Application with AR Capabilities 

Project Introduction

Leman health is a mobile application where users can book and avail of one-on-one live physiotherapy sessions. The app is focused on the AR concept, where therapists and users can track body movements. With Leman Health, all kinds of rehabilitation and physio sessions are more engaging.
Going to the clinic in current traffic and busy lifestyle is mostly avoided. A mobile application that can be used to deliver accurate home physio sessions solves this problem. With body tracking capabilities, Leman Health ensures perfect posture each and every time leading to much better results.

Industry Brief

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Health and Fitness


Mobile App Development

Physiotherapy is a necessity for anyone who has had an operation or faces issues with muscles and joints. Health and fitness is an industry where users seek absolute convenience, and mobile apps which enable so are welcome by everyone. Augmented reality opens new hopes for health and fitness with live body tracking and enables therapists to deliver a much better experience to their patients.

  • Movement Tracking 
  • Healthcare 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Augmented Reality 
  • Posture Tracking

Technology Stack

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Highlights for Mobile App Development for Leman Health

2D Tracking

Therapists can track movements precisely with 33-point 2D tracking.

Video Sessions

Users and doctors can set up one-on-one video sessions.

Guidance System

AR-based guidance to correct postures and poses for users.