Money Exchange App

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Transaction Support Application for International Money Transfers 

Project Introduction

The money exchange application allows cross-border money transfers without the need for specific bank accounts. The app aims to revolutionize global transactions and works on phone number mapping to enable transfers and withdrawals. The support app and a special card enable transactions through ATMs.
With the app and the card combined, users can transfer money through an ATM and from their phone. The receiver would be able to receive, withdraw, and spend the money at their convenience. The app supports various features to enable seamless international transactions without the hassle of maintaining bank accounts.

Industry Brief

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Web App Development

Internation money transfers and cross-border payments have always been strict and controlled to the most minute level. With apps like transactional support apps, we can assume a much more user-oriented experience, which didn’t exist until now. As the industry grows, we assume more innovative solutions to complex problems will be created. Apps like the cash exchange app change the game for the finance industry, and more innovations are welcome by users.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights of Development For Cash Exchange App

Phone Number Integration

The user can avail of all the services on offer by registering and validating their phone number.


There are different layers of security implementations up to the standards of financial transactions.

Integration with ATM

Integrations with ATM switch networks and payment processors to enable seamless money transfers.