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Symptom Tracker App for Tardive Dyskinesia

Project Introduction

TD Symptom Tracker is a revolutionary app enabling users to track, record, and monitor the involuntary movements associated with Tardive Dyskinesia. The app features an intuitive user interface to ensure users are easily able to record all the information they need and access it when required.
Users can also record their medications and map them with how it’s affecting the disease's progress or regression. The app enables users to send the charts directly to their physicians and let them assess which medication suits a particular user and decide the course of treatment based on real data.

Industry Brief

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App Development

The healthcare industry has improved a lot since the time of digitalization, and apps like TD Symptom Tracker only take leaps ahead. TD can be a debilitating disease and affects a lot of users who take psychiatric medication. An app to record the symptoms and improvements can significantly improve the course of treatment for patients. The app to record, monitor, and track symptoms of a disease like TD is going to be more popular than ever in the upcoming time.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights for App Development for TD Symptom Tracker

SOS Calling

Patients can directly call their doctor through the SOS Calling feature of the app.

Share Reports

Users can send reports and charts directly to their doctors to decide on the course.

HIPAA Compliance

All the information is stored securely and encrypted; users can decide when to share it.