Progress Tracking App

Environmental Governance, Social Governance, Progress Tracking 

Progress Tracking App for Companies Under ESG 

Project Introduction

The app is an initiative for companies to manage their resources, subsidiaries, local governments, investors, and more. Analytics and data transparency plays a major role in the app, and it aims to cater SMBs and businesses for their initiative in the ESG space.
The users can create projects and tasks, manage them based on a calendar, and look at insights, reports, and people in the company. The app features an all-inclusive dashboard for companies to track their progress. The app features AI/ML to pull data from publicly listed companies for comparisons.

Industry Brief

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Web App Development

The progress tracking app is a step towards betterment in various ways. Corporations are more and more aware of their environmental impacts and how their efforts could make a change. Apps like the progress tracking app focus on businesses that want to work in the ESG space and more to a positive impact. Tools like these are welcome in the industry, and we believe the space will grow as more and more companies become aware of their impact.

  • Environmental Impact 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Automated Analysis 
  • ESG for SMBs 

Technology Stack

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Highlights of Development for Progress Tracking App


A centralized dashboard to track everything, including budget and tasks allocated to people.

Data Pull

The app can automatically pull publicly accessible data from companies and use it for comparison.


Tasks can be set on a calendar within the app, ensuring deadlines are met, and no tasks are delayed.