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Project Introduction

The app is a combination of admin and user panels through which business owners can easily manage their taxes. There are tons of features for each of the panels; users can choose tax advisors, add different services under staff, and have a panel-wide search for staff and services.
State-wise jurisdiction best practices are followed as well; the user can easily choose the state they want to file their tax in. A CRM is also integrated with the app, and the admin can manage leaves and engagement. Joint filters and AML status reports are two exclusive features on offer.

Industry Brief

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Web App Development

Tax filing is a tedious but necessary process. For businesses having massive turnovers, a tax management app is a must-have. Every business has to file its taxes, and without an app, managing it can quickly become a hassle. As businesses start and grow, the industry is open to as much automation and technology integration as possible. The tax management app encompasses all the features one requires to file taxes and is expected to become more popular with time.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights for App Development for Tax Management App

Staff Management

Admins can access staff details, assign services to them, and manage clients as well.


A CRM-type system to manage leaves, calculate engagement, and overview performance.


Users can define relationships, assets, and ownership of different types within the application.