Tracking Genie

GPS, Vehicle Tracking System, Fleet Management

Automatic Vehicle Tracking System

Project Introduction

Tracking Genie, as the name suggests, is a smart, GPS-based tracking vehicles system. Using a combination of closely integrated hardware and software, it provides the minutest details about a vehicle's location in real-time! It is a perfect combination of server-side applications, hardware devices that collect data, and efficient customer-facing web and mobile applications.
Tracking Genie offers its users a wide array of benefits, including easy installation, user-friendly features, comprehensive details on fingertips, competitive pricing, and 24*7 assistance. In other words, Tracking Genie is a solution that functions across vehicles and mobile devices to extend tracking possibilities inside as well as when one is away from the vehicle.

Industry Brief

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Website and App Development

Vehicle tracking systems have witnessed incredible innovation in the form of increased efficiency, safety, and security of a vehicle. Many businesses across a variety of sectors use vehicle tracking systems to improve various transportation and logistics operations of their company, achieve time-management and therefore, an increased performance. In addition, these systems also play a vital role in asset monitoring by protecting them against theft. They enable tracking in real-time using the latest GPS technology and high-quality asset tracking devices.

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Geo Tagging
  • Geo Location

Technology Stack

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Highlights of App Development for Tracking Genie

Map View

Real-time map integration and view to track the entire fleet at one go.

Vehicle Control

Control different aspects of the OBD fitted with the app and website.

Trip Details

Every minute detail about the trip including driver behavior accessible.