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Get an all-inclusive restaurant management software solution that helps your team manage operations efficiently, and deliver orders quickly with greater accuracy for improved customer satisfaction.
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    What is

    How Can a Software Help My Restaurant Business?

    Restaurant software is an extensive range of solutions that caters to various operations in a restaurant business and streamlines the same with automation. It encompasses software and hardware tools like POS systems, inventory management software, order management system, and other tailor-made tools to leverage technology for bringing operational efficiency to your restaurant business. These solutions automate recurrent processes like online ordering, billing and invoicing, feedback management, CRM, reports, analytics, etc., so that your staff can focus on more creative tasks instead. With automation and minimum human intervention, the software also improves accuracy in the jobs done.
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    Improve Customer Relationships

    Boost your customer relationships by reducing wait times, bringing accuracy in order processing, loyalty programs, and personalized omnichannel experience.

    Efficient Inventory Management

    With real-time inventory updates and remote monitoring features, minimize wastage or short-supply of stock items for efficient order processing.

    Enhanced Services

    The software will facilitate faster order processing and improve the table management to reduce the wait time and improve guest experience.

    Insightful Reports

    Generate detailed reports on various aspects of your restaurant like sales, inventory, most selling items, etc., to make better decisions.

    Comprehensive Features Restaurant Management Software

    Build your restaurant management software with features that meet your business requirements perfectly.
    Point of Sales

    Well-integrated with a POS module, the software will help the restaurant staff accept payments and track sales effortlessly.

    Inventory Management

    The system helps you maintain stock levels at all times as per the requirements, reducing chances of overstocking and understocking.

    Reporting & Analytics

    The feature consolidates data from multiple sources and derive insights into the customer's tastes, inventory costs, and asset maintenance.

    Reservation System

    Allow customers to reserve tables online to reduce downtime and manage your staff with resource-based bookings.

    Employee Scheduler

    Manage your overstaffed and understaffed days easily as per the requirements with in-built calendars and schedules.

    Payment Integration

    Integrated payment gateway and card processing system will enable customers to pay quickly, enhancing their experience.

    Rewards and Loyalty

    Offer gift cards and reward point benefits to your repeat customers to boost loyalty and improve revenue per customer.

    Order Management

    Take orders and fulfill them swiftly with better accuracy, and learn about your most-liked items using the order management feature.

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    Custom Restaurant Solutions For Your Discrete Business Needs

    Enhance your vacation rental business’ operations with bespoke software solutions from Matellio

    More Dedicated Solutions for Your Travel & Hospitality Business

    We build bespoke travel and hospitality software with custom features to help you streamline your workflows.

    How Much Does It Cost to Get a Restaurant Software Developed?

      What is

      Why Matellio for Restaurant Software Development?

      20+ Years' Experience

      We have years-long experience in delivering quality services to startups and Fortune 500 companies.

      Reliable Support

      You get 24*7 technical support and software consulting services for your custom services.

      Strong R&D Expertise

      With our strong R&D department, development teams are always on the lookout for advancements.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How much does a POS system cost for a restaurant?

      The cost to build a custom POS software for your restaurant brand depends on multiple factors. These include the features and functionalities along with the tech stack and development team breakup. Accurate estimation is possible only once you share your detailed requirements with us. 

      2. What is POS Restaurant Software?

      The restaurant POS system integrates the payment methods and associated aspects under a single screen. The key features and benefits of a restaurant POS include reporting and analytics, inventory management, food costing, and marketing. 

      3. Which is the best restaurant management software?

      There is no ideal definition of the best restaurant management software. The software that closely aligns with the needs and demands of your restaurant is the one you always need. 

      4. What is a restaurant ordering system?

      There is no ideal definition of the best restaurant management software. The software that closely aligns with the needs and demands of your restaurant is the one you always need. 

      A restaurant ordering system is a system that lets restaurants accept orders from customers and process them. It also allows them to take orders via online modes. 

      5. How do online ordering systems work?

      Online food ordering lets your customers leverage the internet to get food delivered on-demand. Customers connect to their preferred restaurants and filter the food according to their favorite cuisine, price range, and more. The food then gets delivered to the doorstep via connected agents. 

      6. If I hire Matellio's restaurant software development services, how will I engage with my team?

      Understanding the varied business requirements and workflows, we at Matellio have devised four different engagement models, and you can choose any one of them to engage with your development team. 

      • Dedicated developer model  
      • Turnkey model  
      • Time and material-based hiring model  
      • Custom hiring model 

      7. What are the benefits of restaurant management software?

      Restaurant management software tailored to your requirements can not only simplify the day-to-day tasks for your staff but also help you scale your operations for eventual business growth. Here are some of the benefits you can reap by investing in custom-built restaurant management software, integrated with functionalities of POS, CRM, IMS, etc. 

      • Quicker order processing 
      • Swift payment processing 
      • Customer retention  
      • Improved inventory tracking 
      • Reduced chances of errors 
      • Streamlined data flow for automated analytics 
      • Accurate finances 
      • Enhanced employee satisfaction 

      8. How much does it cost to develop restaurant management software?

      The development cost of restaurant software depends on a variety of factors, which is why there is no definitive amount that you can assume. Depending on the functionalities required of the software and the amount of data it has to process, the number of users, different levels of securities you want to implement, and accessibility, the development cost can vary a lot. Moreover, this amount can vary even more when you factor in the currency differences of developing and developed nations and where your development team resides. All in all, if you want a good estimate of your project, we request you to book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts. They will discuss your requirements and then send you a free quote and development plan. 

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