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    What is

    What is Salesforce Community Cloud?

    Salesforce Community Cloud is a service on offer by Salesforce, which lets you create spaces online as communities for your brand. The Salesforce Community Cloud consultants help connect users, customers, and partners at the same time on one single platform.
    The Community Cloud is used to improve interaction & build an online presence for businesses. The data from the Community Cloud can help gain further knowledge into the behaviors of everyone using it, giving businesses an opportunity to know users better.
    Mobile Friendly
    Mobile Friendly

    The services we provide for the Salesforce Community Cloud.

    We help you leverage the capabilities of the Salesforce Community Cloud to the maximum extent. Combined with our expertise in online space creation, we can build the best branding and business integration solution for your business.

    We help with the development services and Managed Services in Salesforce, we will integrate the Community Cloud perfectly in your custom solution.


    Our Salesforce experts will ensure you get to make the most of your investment in Community Cloud and guide all involved for Salesforce best practices.


    We integrate all the Salesforce services you want and ensure maximum compatibility between different Salesforce services and the Community Cloud.


    We help you build a brand online, using the extensive capabilities of the Community Cloud. We will help you with the online management of all the users.


    We configure the Salesforce Community Cloud per your requirements to ensure you can easily build the best experience for your users using Salesforce.

    App development

    Our Salesforce app development services include the best of Salesforce Cloud services, we build the best online platform completely usable on mobiles.

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    Our Portfolio

    For every real-world problem, we have delivered software solutions which reflect our expertise in diverse verticals.

    Why Choose Matellio?

    Our Salesforce Community Cloud developers ensure your online is the best possible, they combine their capabilities and Salesforce best practice to deliver the perfect online space build for your business.
    Salesforce Experts

    Our team of Salesforce experts makes sure you get the most out of your budget spent on Salesforce Community Cloud integration in your business.

    Transparent Agreement

    Our work agreements are client-focused, you get to hire on your own terms. If you want special arrangements, we take care of them all, just let us know.

    Salesforce Maintenance

    Maintenance and support are free for 30 days after the project is delivered, anything that comes up as an issue with the solution will be resolved free of charge.

    Salesforce Consultants

    Our Salesforce Community Cloud consultants will guide you through the entire process of using Community Cloud and the best practices to take care of.

    Flexible Hiring

    Hire our Salesforce developers the way you want, we offer various hiring models along with customized hiring models for the clients with special demands.

    Expert Architects

    Our software architects ensure they integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud completely into your system, ensuring the most output from your investment made.

    The Process of Hiring Salesforce Developers

    We at Matelio believe in providing utmost ease to our clients for hiring our developers and starting their projects. Here’s the process we follow.
    • 1
      Request For Quotation

      Consultation from BA
      Market Analysis
      Feasibility Check
      Estimated Cost & Time

    • 2
      Requirement Planning

      Initial Design
      Estimated Work Hours
      Sprint Planning

    • 3
      Development and Testing

      Building the team

    • 4
      Support and Maintenance

      Software Updation
      Adding Custom Features
      Post-launch Support

    What our customers are saying about Matellio?

    Their team remained responsive & adaptable amidst changing requirements & created more detailed specifications which enhanced development efficiency.

    Wei Lian

    When we started the project, we were looking for a top tier software development company and we had very high expectations on the implementation.

    Richard Sylwander

    I greatly appreciate the work that Matellio's team did for me. I would have never been able to accomplish this development without their skills and expertise.

    Jeff Lunceford

    The partnership has produced excellent work and fulfilled all the company's development needs. Matellio offers flexible pricing, timely deliveries, and solid communication.

    Paul Haun

    Matellio delivered an intricate application that offers users thousands of customizable workouts. They accepted a rough outlined scope of work and deliver an engaging product.

    Ticia Mcillwain

    Frequently asked questions

    Answering the most common queries by our clients, at one place.

    1. What do you mean by Salesforce Community Cloud?

    The Salesforce Community Cloud is used to build an online community for interaction between the customers, agents, and the stakeholders of your business.

    2. What are the benefits of Salesforce Community Cloud?

    There are various benefits of using the Salesforce Community Cloud, it helps you build an online community where all stakeholders and customers can easily connect.

    3. Will you configure Community Cloud according to my software?

    Our Salesforce experts will ensure complete integration and configuration of the Salesforce Community Cloud in your software and applications.

    4. How much does it cost for Salesforce Community Cloud?

    The cost would totally depend on the business requirements you want to be fulfilled from the software we create for you, it is hard to tell without knowing the particular needs of our clients.

    5. Can you assist me with choosing the right Salesforce Services?

    Salesforce has many services on offer along with the Community Cloud, our Salesforce consultants will help you with choosing the right ones.

    6. Do small companies require Salesforce Community Cloud?

    Everyone can use Salesforce, and it benefits everyone differently. Even though the initial investment might be big for small businesses, it can also be thought of as a stepping stone to grow.

    7. Will I require custom software for Salesforce Community services?

    The custom software will ease up the tasks of your business by a huge margin, and lets you fully utilize the power of the Salesforce services suite.

    8. Why should I choose Matellio as a Salesforce Community Cloud expert?

    We have vivid experience in integrating the best of Salesforce into business solutions, we can help you with our expertise in custom software development and web and mobile development.

    9. Who is a Salesforce Community Cloud expert?

    A Salesforce Community Cloud developer can be called an expert with years of vivid experience of working with various clients and into different business niches.

    10. Are mobile apps included as a part of the development package?

    If you want a mobile app, we are mobile application development experts. We can create a Salesforce-based mobile application for you, and integrate it with Salesforce Community Cloud.