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Elevate your music streaming business with a feature-rich and smart SoundCloud clone app tailor-made for your business requirements.
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What is a SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a one-of-a-kind music platform that facilitates the talent of new artists with powerful tools, resources, and a dedicated platform to showcase their talents. This robust music streaming app not just helps the artists with a dedicated platform but even connects the global music community with the best resources online. Due to such amazing and unique features, SoundCloud has today attracted more than 30 million artists from over 90 different countries of the world. So, when are you planning to create music apps like SoundCloud?
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Unique Platform

Offer a one-of-a-kind music streaming platform to all the artists and users of the world with a dedicated SoundCloud clone app.

Less Competition

Easily promote your music streaming app by taking leveraging the less competitive music streaming app development market.

Branded App

Get a branded SoundCloud clone with your choice of features and tech stack by hiring our cost-effective app developers.

Easy Profits

Boost your revenues and overall profits with successful monetization models and marketing strategies of the SoundCloud app.

Unique Features of Music App Like SoundCloud to Set You Apart

Offer the best experience to your users by including these competitive and next-gen features in your Apple Music clone app.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Manage all your users with one tap on your screens and add new ones by validating their contact details.

Subscription Plans

Offer customized and cost-effective subscription plans to your users and alerts them before their due date ends.

Push Notifications

Notify your users about recent changes in the policy and about your amazing offers in real-time with push notifications.

Curated Playlists

Analyze your user’s preferences and offer them the most suitable curated playlists that they would love.

Manage Tracks

Manage all the tracks uploaded on your SoundCloud clone app and alert the users if they upload any copyright track.

Manage Artists

Manage the complete list of the artists of your SoundCloud clone and offer them the views on their tracks.

Central Dashboard

Get a bird’s eye’s view of all the processes happening on your SoundCloud clone app instantly in real-time.

Social Media Integration

Easily integrate social media channels on your app and let your users enjoy social sharing for an enhanced UX.

Social Login

Offer an easy and quick onboarding process to your users by enabling them to log in using their social media accounts.

Explore Music

Let your users explore their favorite tracks from the SoundCloud clone app using their voice commands or manual search.

Create Playlists

Let your users create their own playlists by easily adding multiple songs and editing the tracks as per their choice.

Upload Tracks

Facilitate the talent of artists by enabling them to upload their original tracks instantly by using the SoundCloud clone app.

Repost Tracks

The users can like and report their favorite tracks using the same app with just a tap on their screens.


Facilitate better connections between all your users by enabling them to comment on the online tracks of the app.

Music Community

Bring all your brand enthusiasts to a single platform by enabling them to form a community online using the app.

Online Payments

Let your users renew their subscription plans easily by offering them multiple online payment channels in the app.

Ready to Make Your Music Streaming App?

Get advanced features and next-gen technologies for your custom SoundCloud clone app by hiring our experienced music streaming app developers.
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How Does SoundCloud Work?

Enjoy more users for your music streaming app by offering an unmatched experience to your users. Here’s how your apple Music clone app works for the users.
  • 1
    Profile Creation

    The users can create their profiles by mentioning their name, email, contact details, and a brief bio about themselves.

  • 2
    Upload Tracks

    After the profile is created, the users or the artists can easily upload their tracks online with the help of the app.

  • 3
    Create Playlists

    The users can add their favorite music tracks to a single playlist or they can create multiple playlists easily.

  • 4
    Listen to Music

    Users can listen to their favorite artists or they can stream the music as per their moods using the SoundCloud app.

How Much Does it Cost to Launch App Like SoundCloud?

Ready to boost your business idea with our experts? Here’s how much it will going to cost you to launch your own custom SoundCloud clone app with our experts!

Creating a music app like SoundCloud requires the developers to carefully evaluate all your business requirements and ideas, and discover the latest trends of the market. Things like features, technologies, designs, the number of resources you have hired, testing methods, app submission services, digital marketing, data migrations, and more often impact your overall cost of development. Hence, it is always a wise decision to consult all your ideas and needs with experts for accurate cost estimation. To get an exact quote for your app, book a free 30-min consultation with our experts 

Core Technologies Behind App Like SoundCloud

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the SoundCloud clone app?

SoundCloud clone app is an on-demand music streaming app development service that offers custom music streaming app like SoundCloud to users. With a custom SoundCloud clone app, you can easily offer a dedicated platform to the artists and users. Plus, you can also elevate your brand name by including all the successful features that make SoundCloud popular.   

2. How do you make an app like SoundCloud?

You can follow these simple steps to make similar music streaming app like SoundCloud 

  • Identify a promising target audience 
  • Validate your ideas with experts 
  • Hire reliable music streaming app development company 
  • Look for next-gen features and technologies 
  • Select an aesthetic design for your MVP 
  • Develop your app 
  • Test your app 
  • Deploy on various online platforms

3. How profitable is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud app has attracted nearly 30 million artists from over 90 different countries due to its unique and user-friendly features. People, especially the artists are readily moving towards such platforms to make the best of their albums and talent. Moreover, there are little to no such platforms that offer the same functionalities as SoundCloud. Hence, if you are planning to create a music app, then launching a SoundCloud clone app is the best decision.  

4. How do I monetize my SoundCloud?

There are many ways through which you can easily monetize your SoundCloud clone app. For instance, you can offer a premium app to your users, or you can charge a nominal fee from all the artists of your app. Besides that, running third-part ads is also one of the successful ways to generate revenue for your SoundCloud clone app.  

5. What services do you offer with SoundCloud clone app development?

We offer a wide range of professional services that can elevate your SoundCloud clone app development: 

  • App development 
  • MVP creation 
  • Idea validation 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Data migration 
  • Platform migration 
  • UI/UX 
  • Technology update 
  • Features addition, and more

6. What app is similar to SoundCloud that you can develop?

There are many apps like SoundCloud that we can deliver you with your choice of features and designs. To name a few, we have: 

  • Spotify 
  • Apple Music 
  • Google Play 
  • Pandora 
  • TIDAL 
  • Amazon Music

7. What is SoundCloud built with?

The major technologies used in creating a music app like SoundCloud include Scala, Clojure, or JRuby. Besides that, the database used is MySQL. Initially, the app was built on Ruby on Rails.  

8. Are you a copyright owner of the SoundCloud app?

No, we do not own any of the materials related to SoundCloud. However, we have expertise in delivering similar music streaming apps like SoundCloud tailor-made to your business requirements. You can fill our form below or can visit us to know more about our SoundCloud clone app development services.