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Project Introduction

Sudoku Swami is an interactive platform that helps users to upgrade their sudoku solving skills. Whether you are a beginner or an avid player, the website brings you an advanced set of rules, methods, and more that keeps you ahead of the competition. Not only this, website features video tutorials to make it more interesting for the sudoku enthusiasts.
With integrated blogs and more, the comprehensive platform for Sudoku enthusiasts makes sudoku solving easier as well as fun. As a user, you can also browse through the FAQs to discover the answer to your most sought after query. Not only this, the web solution offers multiple other features like notifications that allow users to stay updated on the latest videos.

Industry Brief

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Web Development

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Technology Stack

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View Videos

Sudoku enthusiasts can scroll through a wide collection of videos to polish their sudoku skills.

Exhaustive Blogs

The blog integration allows users to read out the tips and tricks and apply them.

Store Integration

With the inbuilt store, sudoku lovers can browse through various products and order them.