10 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Fleet Management Software

Updated on Jan 5th, 2024

10 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software has become a necessity rather than a luxury in today’s digital world. For any person who is either planning to start a telematics business, or is already involved in fleet tracking but wants to earn more has to have a dedicated fleet management software.

Besides tracking the fleets and other assets, a fleet management system could even help you optimize the cost of your business operations by offering various automated techniques. And because of that, many leading fleet companies have even started to utilize a dedicated fleet management software. As per a research by Statista, the market for fleet management system is expected to reach $30 million by the year 2022!

Are you also planning to start your fleet business by investing in fleet management software? We have got you covered! Here’s a list of top 10 questions that you need to ask to your fleet software provider before making any purchase! Do tell us what your favourite question was!

1. What is fleet management software and why should I adapt one for my telematics business?

fleet management software

Fleet management software is a complete tracking solution for your telematics business. Whether you have 5 fleets or 500 fleets, a dedicated fleet management software will enable you to track and maintain all your vehicles in an easy way. You can optimize your operational costs, and can even access the solution with a smartphone while remote working.

A fleet management software is a completely automated solution which is proving very beneficial for the transportation and logistics industry. How? Here are some of the benefits of a scalable fleet management software:

  • It ensures better safety and security of the assets and the drivers.
  • It enables cost savings by automating various critical tasks and  providing alerts at time.
  • Major expenses, life fuel, maintenance, inspections, etc. are seamlessly handled and optimized by fleet management software.
  • Provides real-time reports over driver’s activities, engine conditions, and fleet’s maintenance issues.
  • You can record the data of your drivers and fleets like distance travelled, route taken, last service data, and so on.
  • You can install the dash cameras in your fleets and can seamlessly integrate it with your fleet management software for better monitoring and safety of your assets. Some advanced fleet management software even provides a panic alerts option which your drivers could use at the time of emergency to connect with you.

Besides all those benefits, a dedicated fleet management software even ensures better ROI than any other software solution. If you are looking for a future-proof business, then fleet management business or telematics business will be the best option. To know more about fleet management software and its benefits, you can refer to the article mentioned below!

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2. What are the features of an advanced Fleet Management Software?

In today’s digital market, we are flooded with a lot of options whether for a smartphone or for a simple bluetooth speaker, and fleet management is not an exception. Although, most of the fleet management software have the same basic features, some of the advanced versions can offer you a lot more! These advanced yet beneficial features can make you stand out from the crowd and can benefit your telematics business to a great extent! Let us see what our telematics software offers you.

Admin Panel

  • Mobile Access
    Access each and every fleet-related information directly on your smartphone with our fleet tracking apps.
  • Quick On-boarding
    Register on the app in no time with our smooth signup process to access the solution.
  • Customized Platform
    Get fully personalized web apps and mobile apps that perfectly suit your corporate identity.
  • User Management
    Manage different users along with their payment info, business details, and fleet numbers.
  • Multiple Agencies
    Manage multiple agencies and partners with a single click on our fleet management software.
  • Electronic Invoicing
    Generate electronic invoices and send them easily to the desired fleet managers with a tap.
  • Business Intelligence
    Make the most of smart functionalities in driving more sales and profits to your telematics business.
  • Cloud-based Solution
    Our fleet management software runs on cloud so that you can access the data anytime, and anywhere.
  • Multiple Map Support
    We support multiple maps including a paid version of Google Maps to provide better navigation.

User Panel

  • Fuel Control
    Get real-time alerts on fuel-theft, and fuel level indicators along with visual graphs to save fuel wastage.
  • Remote Shutdown
    Prevent thefts and accidents by locking your engines via your mobile app even sitting remotely.
  • Real-time Tracking
    GPS tracking functionality with real-time maps and satellite imagery to provide live updates on vehicles.
  • Geo-fence Alerts
    Set geographical boundaries around specific locations and get alerts when a vehicle enters or exits the location.
  • Panic Button
    Enables the drivers to contact you during the time of any emergency or trouble even sitting inside the fleet.
  • On-demand Reports
    Get real-time reports on halts, harsh acceleration, and route deviation to get the exact condition of your fleets.
  • Engine Alerts
    Access reports on active ignition period of the engines, and stay updated on engine maintenance and repair    issues.
  • Driver Behavior
    Create a safe driving environment by monitoring every activity of the drivers from routes taken to stoppages.
  • Trip History
    Get a track of the past 90 days of your fleet’s travel and trip summary directly on your smartphone or desktop screen.


3. Should we go for a custom or white label fleet tracking solution?

That is  a crucial question that is in the minds of almost all the users starting a fleet management business. In today’s tech-driven world, there is so much competition. The consumer-needs have changed a lot and to fulfill those needs, different businesses would be needing different types of solutions.

Let’s start with a custom fleet management solution!

Custom Fleet Management Solution

Custom fleet tracking solutions are for those users who have certain ideas in their minds regarding their fleet tracking solution. With a custom software, you can seamlessly track and monitor the development progress right from beginning to the end. From selection of technology, to features, to theme, to colors, and till testing, everything will be decided by you.

Although custom solutions are very scalable, choosing a wrong technology partner could be devastating. Hence, you should only select a proper and experienced technology partner for your fleet software development.

White Label Fleet Management Software

White label generally refers to the read-made software solutions. White label fleet management software is a perfect option for those who do not want to get into much details and readily want a software to start their business. In a white label solution, you can get all the features and functionalities needed  to start your fleet business and manage it in a smooth manner.

Although read-made, a white label software can also be customized as per your needs. From designs, to features, everything could be customized if you have contacted the right technology solutions provider.

We, at Matellio, have got both the options for your business needs. Whether a custom solution, or white label fleet tracking software, we assure you to provide a completely secure and advanced fleet management software at best competitive prices. To know more, visit us today!

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4. How will I get a good ROI from your fleet tracking solution?

As discussed above, the main aim of fleet management software is to automate the critical tasks and smoothen the maintenance and inspection processes. With a dedicated fleet management software, you can seamlessly optimize various costs associated with your fleet and trucking operations.

Things like route optimization, fuel monitoring, and electronic inspections can help you save a lot of money that is not possible with manual management. Besides that, the mobile access, real-time reports, panic alerts, and driver behaviour reports even helps you to strategize your business and find the exact faults in your transportation operations.

With so much automation, and accurate reports, you could seamlessly optimize your overall business work-flow, and can generate more profits. That means, the amount you will be investing in a fleet management software could be easily recovered during the first initial months only.

5. Can I extract/import the fleet information from my existing system?

GPS-Tracking-software-fleet-informationImporting all the previous fleet related information from your existing system is a tedious task. Although you can do it, it will consume much of your time, and if not handled properly, can even result in loss of information.

Hence, it is always advisable to connect with a data operator, or ask your technology partner whether they provide this data importing support or not. Many of the software engineering firms like Matellio provide complete data exporting  /importing facilities. Our expert programmers initially analyze your data, and it’s size, and then take necessary actions to import it securely from your old system to our advanced software.

6. Does the fleet management software have on-demand reports and customized mapping functionality?

Yes, you can have customized maps, and on-demand repost when you opt for a custom fleet management software. As discussed earlier, a custom software solution enables you to define the scope and features of the software or application you are building. From the types of reports, to its format, and the fields, everything is according to your need in the custom development.

However, many of the white label solutions also provide such amazing facilities to its users. Due to the increased competition, and user-needs, many white label solution providers are today offering customization facilitates in their fleet tracking software.

Reach us today to get added benefits and on-demand customizations at a cost-effective price!

7. Can I integrate other back-office systems with fleet management software?

Fleet-management-systemThird-party integrations have become a vital aspect in today’s digital world. For every software, irrespective of its niche, integrating with another system has become a necessity rather than a privilege. To manage extra tasks, and to bring efficiency in your business operations, third-party integrations are much needed.

Hence, you should always look for a software that seamlessly integrates with your back-office system like CRM, ERP, tracking devices, accounting modules, etc. We, at Matellio, provide a complete integrated fleet management software to smoothen your business operations and increase productivity. Whether tracking devices, or CRM, or even finance software, we can help you integrate any third-party software that can enhance your working operations.

8. Does the fleet management software be used to track other types of assets?

That’s a question that might come in the minds of several users. Often while starting a tracking business, it is often asked for a software that is flexible. Meaning, a software that could track and manage all types of assets including the fleets, and deliverables, or even workers. If you are also looking for the same kind of solution, then don’t worry, we have got you covered!

With our cost-effective and scalable GPS tracking system, you could track any sort of assets.. Whether you are from the construction industry and want to track your equipment, or you are from the supply chain and want to track your fleets, our tracking system supports all! From shipment tracking, to worker monitoring, you can start your tracking business with any asset and we will provide you a secure solution to automate and manage it effectively!

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9. How often is the fleet management software updated?

The updation of any software is very much needed to stay as per the trend and to manage your business with efficiency. That’s why, whenever you invest in a fleet management software, always ensure that your technology partner provides sufficient customer support and timely updates. Although the updation process may vary from company to company, timely updates make your software less prone to security issues, and more useful for your clients and employees!

An experienced software engineering firm will have a dedicated team of programmers and after-sales personnel that will properly manage your post-sales support. Besides that, even if you find any issues in operating the software, then you can seamlessly contact them. A good engineering company has in-house experts that can solve all your issues in no time! For further information on our fleet software updates, you can contact our team anytime! We would be happy to solve your queries.

10. Can I have the mobile app for fleet management software?

Last but not least, having a mobile app in today’s digital world has become a need rather than a luxury aspect. Everybody today is leveraging a smartphone, and in such a mobile world, having a dedicated app could help you reach more prospects in less time!

Now, an experienced and reliable technology partner will surely provide you with a dedicated fleet tracking app to help you manage your business remotely and efficiently. Mobile apps not only help you reach more customers in less time, but even allows you to work remotely. That capability is indeed a greater aspect in today’s pandemic situation where everyone has to stay at their homes. In such a situation, managing your fleets and rivers would not be a tedious task if you have the relevant mobile app!

We, at Matellio, have dedicated fleet tracking apps for both the Android and iOS user with complete branding options at cost-effective prices. Reach us to discover more amazing features and customization options for your fleet tracking app!


Reach us today for a Scalable and Cost-Effective Fleet Management Software!

So, those were the top 10 questions that every person starting a fleet management business, or already engaged in vehicle tracking business has. What question was in your mind? Or do you have some more questions regarding your fleet business? Whether you have more questions, or you wanted to request a free demo of our software, you can reach us anytime!

We have years of experience in providing custom and white label fleet tracking software to multitude of industries. Our portfolios could speak about our work more effectively! Whatever your needs are, we promise to fulfill all those needs timely and in a cost-effective manner. Reach us for more information or for a free demo!

Till then, Happy Reading!

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